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What tires would you suggest for my 2002 Honda Accord?

Question by a: What tires would you advocate for my 2002 Honda Accord?
I know make and model are probably moot here, but I’ll place it out there just in case.

I am not interested in knowing what tires you have and how nicely they have done for you. I am interested in professional opinions from people who can inform me what tire is the best bang for high quality and buck and also why. Also, brands/sorts of tires I ought to keep away from would also be appreciated.

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Worn ones cos it aint worth investing out on a piece of shite. And it`s spelled TYRES!

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3 Responses to “What tires would you suggest for my 2002 Honda Accord?”

  • don r:

    If you can find Hankook tires, they wear long and have a good grip. They are lower priced than premium tires and perform like premium tires. Get the same size as the ones that came with the car.

  • Jon P:

    You can go to TireRack.com and see all tires they have for your car. You can read ratings, customer reviews, test results and any other related information.

  • JBF:

    I would love to help, but we have a problem.

    Year, Make and Model are always critical. But it also helps to know trim level (EX,LX, DX), configuration (2-door, 4-door) and engine (4-cylinder or 6) because all of these things determine what tire size your Accord has and if we don’t know that, it becomes very hard to recommend any specific tires as the choices are not the same for say a V6 EX Coupe as they are for a 4-cylinder LX sedan.

    It would also help to know where you live, what sort of driving conditions (weather) you experience, what sort of miles you put on the car, etc, etc,,,

    All of these things will impact which tire is “best” for you.

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