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Waste significantly less tire recycling. three tons per hour.

http://www.recycle.by/en/production/oborudovanie_dlia_pererabotki_shin/ tire recycling tire recycling plant tire recycling tools tire recycling machinery…
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18 Responses to “Waste significantly less tire recycling. three tons per hour.”

  • Neel J:

    DO NOT BUY REMOULDED TIRES. the heat created can cause the wheel to fail
    while driving and pretty much fall off 

  • David Termini:

    Very impressive. Amazing machinery and engineering.

  • don doerner:

    Can the tires be recycled if they contain water? How do you deal with the
    erosion of the equipment caused by the high tensile wire? How do you remove
    the nylon fluff from the system? When the nylon gets wet does it jam up the
    equipment or cause it to run out of balance? How do you separate the
    different particle sizes? How many tires can be recycled before any
    maintenance is required?

  • Sampath Reddy:

    I was very much interested with this Recycling machinery . i would like to
    know about the cost of project and what are the requirements for this …
    please share me this information as early as possible …. Thank you Friend

  • clift h:

    who developed this machine and where can i buy one

  • dian2n:

    Remember Tomorrow Flashbulb

  • yolanda li:

    waste tire can recycling them to fuel oil

  • john smith:

    Huh? the ads always load but not the vids, go figure. F U Google!!

  • Astrix Talamasca:

    Holy s**t!! They make kids out of wheels!

  • Osty Leon:

    Waste less tire recycling. 3 tons per hour.

  • Sasi Kumar:

    A very good information on Tyre recyclining

  • george fernandez:

    we are interested can we more details

  • Andrey M:

    what about low profile tires? there much more metal on sides and under
    tread , like run flat tires. 

  • rockodlak:

    40+ years old technology!!!!!! WTF?

  • Richard Canty:

    Where can i get tire recycling equipment and machinery

  • Bubby West:

    I would like to receive information about your shredding equipment. Please
    make contact with me by email. Thanks.

  • Stone Edward:

    Old tire after being crushed by crushing machines into small parts,
    separated from metal parts, then the final product( powder ) will be used
    for what ? Other downstream product ? Asphalt ? Or for what ?

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