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Toyota Prius tires?

Question by DBLtake: Toyota Prius tires?
How several miles can a Toyota Prius tire go? How considerably does it expense compared to traditional tires?

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Response by pinball_fan
The Prius utilizes related tires as other autos — and just like a lot of other vehicles, the tires that the manufacturer ships them with are only so-so. When it comes time to change the 1st set, there is loads to decide on from, pick what you like.

The story gets a bit much more complicated for the earlier Prius (model 12 months 2003 and earlier), as the unique tires had been classified as “Extra Load” (XL) and are size 175/65R14. There’s not a total whole lot of XL-rated tires in that dimension, so you either have to get slightly greater tires to meet the load rating, or get the precise very same tires as originally shipped with the vehicle, or choose to get non-XL tires. The published bodyweight of the Prius doesn’t really mandate XL-capable tires, but it’s close, so that is most likely why Toyota spec’d them in the very first place. Making use of non-XL tires, but keeping shut watch on the pressure, should be fine. (For folks that never know, retaining more stress in the tire permits it to support more fat. Clearly you must never exceed the tire’s upper pressure limit (measured when the tire is cold) as shown on the sidewall however.)

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2 Responses to “Toyota Prius tires?”

  • djkjb74:

    the tire will last around 30-40k miles, the cost is a bit more than conventional tires due to the load rating of the tire. i think they may cost maybe $ 30 more than regular tire. but if you put the wrong load rating on there they will not last long at all. so the extra cost is well worth it.

  • Wayne:

    If you are talking about the LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) 15″ Goodyear Integrity tires that come stock on the US Prius, you can expect anywhere from 22,000 to 37,000 miles on them. Two very important things play into getting extended mileage.

    The folks that are getting 37,000 miles out the Integrity tires are running them above the OEM suggested door sticker pressures. They are running them at 44 psi front & 42 psi back at least. This is above the manufacturer’s suggested pressure setting but, they are getting much more mileage.

    A very high percentage of the people getting 37,000 miles out the Integrity tires had their front end alignment checked very early in the game. Most of them have done this for fuel economy reasons (high mileage fanatics) but, most of them did report the front end being anywhere from slightly to pretty badly out of spec.

    The side benefit of paying attention to these two important features is that if you are taking care of both of them like the folks represented above are doing, you will get about 2-5 more miles per gallon in fuel efficiency over the OEM setups.

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