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Tire Rack Tire Test – Winter/Snow vs. All-Season vs. Summer Tires on Ice

www.tirerack.com First we compared all-season and winter/snow tire functionality on our snowy test track. Now watch as Tire Rack compares the distinction amongst winter/snow tires, all-season tires and summer season tires by evaluating acceleration, stopping and cornering capabilities — this time using an ice rink as our test track.
Video Rating: four / five

18 Responses to “Tire Rack Tire Test – Winter/Snow vs. All-Season vs. Summer Tires on Ice”

  • ThyBountyHunter:

    This is not a good video at all. If you are going to compare tires you need to use the same car, same driver that way there is no difference in the machine/driver and the tests are balanced.

  • Waterman1223:

    @jkldeer you know that makes no sense

  • jkldeer:

    instead of buying snow tires, i bought a subaru… =D

  • speeder741:

    @5speed330i my tires work fine in the snow i can from a stop on a hill get traction and go right up that hill they grip really good i just cant stop i keep going lol

  • 5speed330i:

    I have a 330i and have a pair of high quality snow tires for the winter and nice summer tires for the warmer months, but my car with rwd and snow tires felt absolutely perfect on roads that were plowed but had a layer of packed snow and ice and worked fine in anything up to like 4 inches of unplowed snow

  • Szgerle:

    feets and inches? learn to use metric, idiots

  • fartman10284:

    @edshift Autosock is only intended for emergency use only. Snow tires, yes, they cost more than a pair of Autosocks, means all 4 corners gets the maximized traction for winter use, which means… you have more control steering, stopping, accelerating, just plain ole driving. even worse is if the e46 is RWD. Autosock on the rear wheels only compromises the job the front wheels do

  • edshift:

    Snow socks. Low cost, High benefit alternative to winter tyres. Bought a set last year for my E46 3-series. Worked a treat. Bit of a pain to fit and remove but really effective over ice and snow.

  • plrlove:

    @ahmeeeeeeeeeeeed black is the new blue :)

  • emmetm1:

    @777MrProphet you are proof tht no matter wht you do someone will complain, epic test ignore this dickhead

  • 777MrProphet:

    @goshem i agree they should have used the same cars or atleast just switch tires between tests, each weigh less or more and each have different computers in them.

  • goshem:

    bmw e90s are terrible in snow no matter what tire you put on them.

  • DARELL313:

    overlaying view is dope as hell

  • Monteguy88:

    Very interesting.

  • ahmeeeeeeeeeeeed:

    1:21 It’s black not blue

  • tuugfo:

    WHAT ABOUT DRAG RADIALS AND SLICKS, people like me use those to you kno

  • feezynigga:

    wow i am very impressed with those winter tires. i would have never thought that a car could even get any traction at all on ice.

  • speeder741:

    @whtstang99 o man dont get me wrong i love my bimmer great road car i can get up a steep hill in the snow from a stop on the hill i just cant stop LOL

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