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Soft vs challenging compound tyres?

Question by Nicholas: Soft vs difficult compound tyres?
What is the distinction between soft and difficult tyres?

Very best response:

Solution by kelly_f_1999
a great deal
depends on what your seeking for
soft tires less mileage but much better grip moist or dry
more difficult tire much more miileage
i favor a hard tire

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One Response to “Soft vs challenging compound tyres?”

  • Mark:

    A softer tire will grip better, but wear faster. A hard tire will have less grip, but last longer. Some newer tires have a hard compound in the middle sipes and a soft compound for the outer shoulder blocks since the outer parts of the tire grip more in turns. There’s no tire that lasts a long time, is sporty and great in all weather. Also, weather is a factor. Many tires are meant for summer and are usually soft tires, but snow tires are also pretty soft. The different temperature tires are basically useless outside of their temp range. A winter tire will wear quickly in the summer and a summer tire will have no grip in cold weather. Tires are pretty advanced and there are a lot of variables beyond hard and soft.

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