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Replacement Red 26×1.50 Tires for Bianchi Milano

Substitute Red 26×1.50 Tires for Bianchi Milano

Image by joshua_putnam
It is silly, I know. But I truly like the colors of my Bianchi Milano, Celeste green with red accents. Red emblem, red grips, red sidewalls on the tires. (Came with a red saddle, too, but I swapped it out for a far more cozy model that isn’t going to come in red.)

But the stock tires aren’t the highest good quality. The sidewalls commenced offering out following about a year of use. Not that big a deal, OEM tires are often less than the very best grade — so a lot of bikes in no way get ridden anyway, why place on very good rubber that most customers won’t appreciate?

So I began seeking for replacement tires with red sidewalls. Not as simple to uncover as you might picture — street tires in 700c come in a rainbow of colours these days, but the Milano has 559mm rims, a/k/a 26&quot mountain bike rims. You can get any color of tire you want, as long as it truly is black.

Bianchi would gladly sell me the stock tires once again for every. Not undesirable tires, they did final me a year of commuting, but not great tires, both.

A great bit of looking located that Kenda, which can make the stock tires, also can make a larger-performance version with a much more supple, greater-thread-count casing, rated to 100psi. And get this — it has a lot more red than the stock tires, as well. Not just a red band on the sidewall, but red up the sidewall and by means of the tread! It really is the Action Messenger, also sold as a Kenda Kwest 26×1.50 Red 100 PSI.

(The molded name on the sidewall is the manufacturer’s normal Kenda Kwest, although the Action Messenger branding is the fancy colour labeling.)

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