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Michelin’s Revolutionary Airless Tires

Michelin’s Revolutionary Airless Tires
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21 Responses to “Michelin’s Revolutionary Airless Tires”

  • alexnemesis696:

    Doooooh michelin! There will be no need in those tires in 10 to 15 years, because the vehicles will already be flying!

  • strawhat14:

    We are not calling it the twheel, whoever came up with that name….shame on them

  • KNGarver:

    Make it of something GODS-DAMNED NATURAL and you can take my money.

  • KNGarver:

    @jinglenene1000 But 9,000,000,000,000% worse.

  • Ajak28Hype:

    4 to 9 years left

  • Inklebonker1:


  • briertonp:

    These tyres (tires) will come but only if they stand the kind of abuse the end user puts them through.
    Tyres aren’t checked on many services now to save maintenance costs of the main buyers; lease companies. If you don’t believe me, check your maintenance schedules…
    They also have to be QUIET, as the noise rating is now a mandatory requirement from Jan 2012.
    Lastly, they WILL need replacement, as the minimum tread depth will still be a legal requirement.
    These tyres are great!

  • vdias:

    This video was uploaded in 2006. It says it could replace conventional tyres in “10 to 15 years” so only 4 to 9 more years to go!

  • Inklebonker1:

    suck a good idea

  • sysghost:

    When we’re telling our grandchildren that in our young days, people had pressurised air inside air-tight wheels, the kids will be like: -”Whoa!… that’s crazy!”.

  • wajjren:

    4-9 years left… can wait

  • messinias:

    Fellas, the tire companies will never allow such a design to exist without the necessary maintenance. In the 1960s they talked about these capabilities and remarkably companies like Firestone “shut them up.” Engineers can do this now and were able to do this then..problem is that if the tire companies made such a product they wouldn’t be in business. They NEED tire wear, They NEED flats to keep the revenue. If not flats then it will be something else, like “structural integrity.” so please this

  • JoaoMario24:

    Why do I find this shit so interesting? ._.

  • jinglenene1000:

    10 to 15 years available? what a fuck…lets trade the tech to china…so that it could be available sooner than expected…

  • iRevoluxion:

    How much do they cost?

  • Musicisliberation:

    You know that the tread on tires wears off over time, right? Just because your tire isn’t flat doesn’t mean it isn’t unsafe.

  • Joshuabrutl:

    Never have to worry about a flat tire again would be the greatest thing ever..but how well would they handle under extreme weather conditions such as snow storms or wet pavement and gravel?

  • shadesofbluee:

    You’re overlooking tread wear. Tires are mainly replaced because of tread wear and this would still be their driving market. The only change would be that they’d make money off RETREADS, like they do with semis and urethane honeycomb spacers that have exceeded the recommended amount of millage. Because there’s no way in hell a urethane spacer that is constantly under stress will outlast your average high millage vehicle.

  • DIExxENE:

    iedereen die een beetje wakker is of verstand heeft kon dat weten

  • annemieke480:

    Hoezo ben ik nou een idioot, het was maar een vraag :(

  • DIExxENE:

    dan buigt het een klein beetje meer in? net als met normale banden?

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