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For foreign investors in China have a lot of input to the tires – tire – plastic industry  

Article by hi joiney

hc plastic mesh news: following the u.s. safeguard after another has a “bad news” stamp fixed my started sensitive nerve. from shandong rubber industry association was informed that foreign use of in china does not specify whether the legal loopholes can be imported to the massive importation of used made national authorities. this, shandong rubber industry association, said the responsible person, if a large number of old into the country, it will seriously impact on the domestic market, new , will safeguard action by u.s. company injury worse. foreign “abused and lead to” business “very tense” it is understood that, although the ministry of commerce, customs department and the environmental protection administration jointly issued notice no. 17 of 2007 defined strictly banned the import of rubber , but can import without a clear legal basis. china’s 2009 “list of banned the import of solid waste,” “limiting, can be used as raw materials imported category of solid waste directory” and “automatic import license can be used as raw materials, solid waste category directory” are not mentioned in the , and the customs code there are the old pneumatic in the encoding, such as 40122010,40122090. so it was for the interest-driven advantage of the loopholes that all laws and regulations do not mention the used can be imported, the latest attempt to have customers outside the import requirements. the above requirements, national people’s congress, shandong province chamber of commerce vice president, triangle group co., ltd., chairman, president ding yuhua clear that the import of used will hit the market, affect the development of relevant industries, and therefore should be determined to include ban on the import of the directory. his analysis, if allowed to import used , there will be a lot of to old in the name, not only cause harm to road safety, but also caused serious pollution of ecological environment, will china become the world of the treatment facility, which and development of our country clean and green, recycling economy the aim. in addition, the chinese renovation of the current 10% rate is far below the world level, if allowed to import used , will be renovated in china are not a lot of renovation, refurbishment of the domestic industry, hinder the effect. it is understood that delta group in 2006 launched a renovation project, building on retreaded 500 000 (including renovation of all steel radial 300 000), the tread 1 million for renovation of the production line. the authority rating, the retreading business assets out of the countries first. ding yuhua that, although the have refurbished the value of reuse, but the basic point of the development of circular economy should be based on domestic, first of all solve the problem of domestic production of old . shandong dilemma “as taiwan’s leading production and refurbishment of a large province, shandong dilemma facing more severe and realistic, must be weighed against the caution.” shandong rubber industry association, zheng yongxiang, vice chairman of shandong industry, the rapid development in recent years but the province does not produce natural rubber, only a large number of imports from southeast asia. if the “opening up” of scrap can indeed to some extent alleviate the shortage of rubber, but subject to the united states safeguard, such as the european reach regulation limits, exports already face great challenges, if re-import a large number of used , is bound to cause significant damage to the industry in our province. in addition, in recent years, triangle group, exquisite rubber group, double star group and other large enterprise groups and the rubber manufacturing plant, have set foot in the industry has been gradually renovated industrial scale. authority retreading company in the discharge of the top 10 assets in the retreading enterprises in shandong, 4 seats. if a large number of used into the country, the province just pick up the retread industry will undoubtedly be a huge shock. “from the overall situation into consideration, can not allow imports of scrap tires.” zheng yongxiang said.

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