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ERW – Airless Bicycle Tires

Welcome to the long term of bicycle technologies. ERW© The rewards of removing the air from tires completely has been identified because the starting. ERW© Patented Ai…
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16 Responses to “ERW – Airless Bicycle Tires”

  • Ken logan jr:

    it might be these same people

  • Ken logan jr:

    the army or somebody has them already lok it u its on here somewhere

  • EnergyReturnWheel:

    ERW is becoming part of our collective consciousness.Way to be in tune!

  • Alex Paulsen:

    Has Stephen Hawking ever experienced radiation from a black hole? No. I bet nobody gives a shit about him either?

    There are still some basic principles of physics that apply to “airless” tires. This developer has mentioned to me how they overcame the common problems associated to not using the entire circumference of the tire as a sort of suspension, so your argument is no longer relevant.

  • Amr Morsy:

    I had a flat tire on my jeep yesterday and I thought this exact idea! How crazy is it to stumble on this video today!

  • TrollingDr:

    have you ridden on them? no? then nobody cares what you have to say?

  • Jukka Jaakkola:

    Have you tested this during winter? I mean real winter. Something like -15C or 5F. :)

  • EnergyReturnWheel:

    Automotive is a tough nut to crack for good reason. With so much on the line any new product of ERW caliber will be fully vetted over years not weeks. Material science, advanced designs to address each found strength and weakness. Over time a safer more efficient wheel is born from daily trial.

  • Alex Paulsen:

    Oh, glad to hear it. If I see some on the shelves at any point in the next 10 years, I might be willing to try them.

  • EnergyReturnWheel:

    ERW surpasses your definition of “Airless” by radially suspending a composite hoop via highly tensioned elastic attachments. The hoops become oval when loaded. Stretching attachments at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. This ERW “tug of war” enables the high frequency suspension effect to be transferred directly to the surface. The hoop is also able to be tuned to flex a prescribed footprint. We have just published new traction system patent.

  • Alex Paulsen:

    Sheldon Brown explained “Air Less” tires quite well.

    A traditional air filled tire uses the entire contents of the tube to prevent the tire compressing under load. An air-less tire uses only the material directly above the contact patch, thus increasing the chances of destroying a rim, or having a non-friendly ride quality.

  • VireDragon:

    This is a prototype, the holes are to demonstrate to the viewer that they are looking an a non-pneumatic tire, as you can see through it. The final product will have sidewalls to shield and protect the interior.

  • EnergyReturnWheel:

    Dear Sir Thank you, the project is making industry progress. These things take time. Always worth it as you get a better product through competition.

  • Jason Shufford Jr.:

    where do you buy these tires? i tried googling is it

  • EnergyReturnWheel:

    The holes are to show that we are airless.

  • youEwetube:

    Good luck if you ride thru a mud puddle! The bike will double its weight in 10 feet!

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