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Airless tires

Polaris will begin making airless tires in 2014.

8 Responses to “Airless tires”

  • Jief Yang:

    What happens if pebbles and water gets inside it? Wouldn’t that be a
    problem with safety and efficiency? It seems durable going at slow speed
    and I’m relative straight lines… What about high speed cornering?

  • Stefan Unson:

    I wonder if these airless tires can hold without falling apart to pieces
    while doing a burnout or power sliding.

  • EnergyReturnWheel:

    The wheel has been reinvented!! Britek Tire and Rubber owns the Historic
    Utility Wheel Patent series. Adding negative pressure or drawing the
    membrane under tension to the hub is our ISSUED patent claim. Polaris /
    Michelin will pay willful infringement damages…Count on it.

  • Jerad Makay:


  • Jason Carpp:

    If they can do that for military operations, how about offering such tires
    for civilian cars and trucks. It sounds better than the pneumatic tires
    currently used.

  • Jason Carpp:

    I’d prefer that than having to fill my tires up with air every couple
    months. It seems safer than pneumatic tires, since they don’t blow out and
    you can continue driving.

  • Discount Tire Centers:

    Starting in 2014, airless tires will be an option for all-terrain vehicles.
    What do you think of the concept? #carlovers #newinventions


  • rustlerpro11:

    I’m gonna get some for my golf cart if they do sell them

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