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2009, announced the world’s top 75 tire 24 Chinese companies on the list – the top 75 tire, tire  

Article by jekky

By the United States ” Rubber And Plastic News “magazine named the 2009 top 75 global tire recently announced, the Japanese Bridgestone tire company to regain the world No. 1 title. Company’s performance from the Ranking you can see, the world’s tire industry highs Economy Effectiveness of general decline. At the same time, the Chinese tire company to enter the world number 75 increased strongly, reaching 24 to form a beautiful landscape in China.

Title fierce, Since 1995, the highest in the world is always the first and second tires Michelin Group of France and Bridgestone of Japan. Bridgestone from Michelin in 2005 to replace the first one get on top spot, the Michelin outdone, the 2008 title back. But this year’s title was again Bridgestone snatch. Nokia has a 16% stake in the tire company and the Turkish Bridgestone – Saba Qi tires 43% stake in return for the Bridgestone tire first in the world to make some contribution.

The next third to tenth in 2008, as were Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Italy, Japan, Sumitomo, Yokohama Rubber, Hankook Tire, the United States platinum solid tires, Korea Kumho. 11 to 20 big changes Sell Revenue growth of 21.2% of China Taiwan’s Cheng Shin Rubber Rubber exchange places with Japan and Japan, ranked 11; Hangzhou Zhongce sales revenue grew 64%, up from last year’s No. 15 to 13. The world’s 2 billion U.S. dollars Club has 14 enterprises, China Hangzhou Zhongce company first joined the company. 1 billion U.S. dollars Club has 22 enterprises, Chinese enterprises have shortlisted Triangle Group, Shandong Delicate, Shanghai, double the money.

Strong new entrants into the top 75 Chinese enterprises in Shandong Lu River, Xing source tire, Shandong Shengtai, Shandong Wanda, Shandong Jinyu, Qingdao tournament round, Xuzhou XCMG and Inoue Rubber Thailand. 75 strong this year, the most ever number of new faces, mainly China to provide a more comprehensive tire enterprise data. 75 strong, the Chinese mainland accounted for 19 seats, India accounted for 9 seats, the United States accounts for 6 seats, 5 seats China Taiwan, Japan, Russia, each 4 seats, 3 seats Korea, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy and Turkey, the two XI. Countries account for a seat are: France, Germany, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Czech Republic, Singapore, Finland, Belarus, Pakistan, Ecuador, Ukraine, Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel, Argentina.

Chinese companies shine 2008, the world’s tire fell from a high industrial development, industry 9% overall growth rate, size up to 140 billion U.S. dollars. This growth mainly due to exchange rate changes, excluding currency factors, the tire industry growth rate is far lower than 9%, 75 strong in 10 companies with negative growth. In addition to the world’s top ten tire former Sumitomo Rubber Industries, the growth rate in the single digits, or even three are negative. Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear three companies combined sales of 64.78 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 46.3% of total global sales strength, fell 2.5 percentage points over the previous year. Top 10 tire sales 96.87 billion U.S. dollars, for 69.2% of total global sales, down 3.3 percentage points over the previous year.

2008 the whole industry a total of 12 revenue growth companies in more than 20%, while last year the number was 25. Growth rate of more than 50% have four, respectively, Russia’s Nizhnekamskshina (245.2%), Qingdao Double Star Tire (66.2%), Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber (64.2%) and Silverstone Corporation (55.6%).

Chinese tire company’s most eye-catching. Ranking companies in China increased from the previous year to 19 12 plus China Taiwan enterprises in China accounted for 24 seats 75 strong, nearly one-third of the total, impressive.

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