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When to Change Your Motorcycle Tires

Demonstrate types of tire wear that indicates when to change your motorcycle tires.

25 Responses to “When to Change Your Motorcycle Tires”

  • mojavedude250:

    yes car/motorcycle. usually labled with TWI (tread wear indicatior) and an arrow. or check with a penny. tread must go past lincolns head!


    do all tires have indicators?

  • ALMO7TRF600:

    This 5/5 video
    i like safety , i hate reckless riders
    and he mentioned the warm up of the tires
    that most of us dont take care off.
    thanks for posting

  • liltomato:

    Love these videos, they stand head and shoulders above the rest, thanks for posting.

  • byrjyu:

    Yes it is possible…Go to pepboys,autozone and get a bolt extractor kit for like 20 bucks…
    drill a bigger whole and then just tap that extractor inside and after slowly remove bolt.

    I did this on my bike and it came right off.

  • wriggly40:

    i agree. i had a continental tyres and they were damn sliperly. i changed them well before my due change as i felt so unsafe

  • xokorwo:


  • ollliver1:

    Thanks, great videos

  • glenfuj:

    CONTINENTAL (contiforce max) rear tyre lasts more than 20k kms, the only problem is when the road is hot it is not sticky, also not good in wet condition. The best so far for road use is the Dunlop qualifier. Batlax BT014 easily cracks but with a better grip. Dunlop lasts longer and I am confident on twisties. I change my tyres when I see the threads.


    is it possible to fix a nail hole in a rear tire yourself? A friend just bought a new one, and has a nail in the center of it. He doesn’t have the money to take it in to fix it.
    Also, how do u get stripped hex bolts out? My seat bolts are stuck and almost completely stripped. Needless to say, I have to get them out because my battery is under there.
    Please help!

  • reggindriver:

    Camera noise is so annoying tell the person to sit still -_-

  • IMCrazyQuick:

    What kind of miles did you have on those Michelin PR-2 tires? I’ve got 10,000+ miles on a pair of Diablo Strada’s. All riding is one up semi-agressive on a Kawasaki ZZR on HOT Florida highways. Rain performance is much better than the Batlax tires that came on the bike. However, the Brigestone Batlax tires had better grip on twisties. “Not many of those in Florida”. The rear tire has gotten a bit smooth in the middle but not bad enough yet to be dangerous. Looking for a new tire now.

  • cooligun:

    great video!

  • robinacan1:

    very nice program.

  • StreakingTiger:

    Just put 2 of the Michelin pilot road 2 on my bike. I hope you’re right.

  • glenfuj:

    Hey! Chris I just think recommend you CONTINENTAL coz it lasted long miles to my bike It does more than 20000KMs to date and still more miles to (take note that I put it last Dec 2008). I commute from home to work daily and ride once every week from Dubai-Abu Dhabi & vise versa meaning I do an average of 500Kms weekly. I do high speed runs but liitle twisties. Compared to BATLAX014 and DUNLOP, it is more durable. Ride safe

  • rrandreas:

    Thanks for the video – I toasted my front tire. Buymoto videos are excellent. Aplus.

    putting some Diablo Strada’s on on Tuesday.

  • grinder70:

    i have the answer for your tire request,,,freeways,,,and little twisties,,,the longest lasting tire for sport bikes is

  • christopher12344321:


    And to those who think I should ride aggressively on a sport bike, don’t flame me. I ride a sport bike because I like the feel of it versus a lunky standard bike (no offense to whom it applies to).

    P.S.: My weather is mostly dry, minimal corners with highway commuting.

    Again – Input is appreciated, good or bad, I just ask that you be respectful in your replies.

    Thanks in advance,

  • christopher12344321:

    Good advice, I use it whenever I check my bike.

    I’m also in the market for some new tires for my Suzuki sv650sf, and I’m wondering if I can get the longer lasting touring tires in lieu of the regular sport tires. I understand that they have less traction than a stickier sport tire would, but I simply do not have the money to spend on tires. My riding style is very casual, non aggressive, and some input would be nice.

  • johnofmdis:

    Thank You Jae your explanation is very clear

  • toto8504101080:

    Brilliant advice there. Thanks from New Zealand.

  • aimhelix:

    I would change it. The stresses of riding, turning, hitting potholes will continously weaken it and when the side of your tires flex, they will be uneven and stable. Change it for safety :) Better safe than sorry.

  • 7Kris181:

    My rear tire looks like the one on top of the stack.
    I think i shall replace it then. (it’s more then 5 years old now and doesn’t hold its pressure like it should) It’s also tricky when wet. (aquaplaning)

  • ferrari68:

    hang on and pray cause you probably will go over the bars

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