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Two lanes wide, tires 13′ tall, now thats a truck!!!!

Caterpillar 797 is one of the biggest mining trucks built by the company. The tires are made by Michelin at the cost of $42000. for each. They stand at 13.22′ tall, and weigh 42500 lbs per tire. The truck sells for 3.4 million dollars. Check the size of these trucks. You can really tell how large it is when it passes a tractor trailer at the guard house. Then watch them pass full size pickups on the dirt road. Video was shot at Minntac, at Mountain Iron, MN. 10-2003

25 Responses to “Two lanes wide, tires 13′ tall, now thats a truck!!!!”

  • 105Raptor:

    that semi truck at the begining looked scared lol

  • Nicketeen:

    @500SWMAGOPERATOR hahahahahhahahahaha!!! fuckin hilarious


    All this truck needs is a plate on the front that reads ‘outta my way ricer’

  • CSAKvids:

    Damn! Even that tanker spraying water on the roads it huuge! You kinda forget how big they are when theyre side by side, until a normal sized truck drives past!

  • monique881000:

    No worries mate!, We had a Bridgestone representative come to our mine to do a presentation on tyre awareness (because there is such a shortage) A brand new tyre for a 97 can cost from $70,000AUD some mines are paying up to
    $300 000AUD per tyre of the black market. Ridiculous i know, but there have been times we have to park a truck up cos no tyres. I have blown a 97 tyre before, and do they make a bang – shattered the windscreen and cut clean through hydraulic hoses, grease and fuel lines.

  • billarzd:

    tires along i think are worth 1 2 million each

  • 1jackdk:

    @monique881000 Thanks for the update on this. Wasn’t 100% sure, and I kept going from the video to the Caterpillar site to compare the two models. I did see that the 793B and 793C did resemble the one in the video. I can’t make out the model number on the front of the unit in the video. Thanks again, and thanks for watching. Jack…

  • monique881000:

    I Operate these trucks for a living its actually a 793C cat truck which is 6.4meters high or 21′, 7.5 meters wide or 24.6′ and 12.8meters long or 42′. I can tell straight away its a 793 because the diff on a 797 is is different, a 797 is 7.6meters high, 9.8meters wide, 14.3meters long 793 has 2300hp engine at 1750rpm 797s have 3550hp at 1750rpm made of 2 x 785 12 cylinder engines back to back with a coupling 793 hauls 220metric tonnes 797 hauls 345 tonnes i have had up to 400 tonnes before ; )

  • marquismama:

    lol right on i have always dreamed about driving my 789 cat truck down town lol now i know what it would look like thanks and thats friggin awesome !!

  • Lvfd416:

    @metamorabirds98 That’s why I want one for my next pickup-imagine the fun you could have with inconsiderate drivers, not to mention those who insist on taking up 2 parking spaces!

  • draftsman74:

    the trailer look so scared!!! hehehe

  • auricom24:

    if there where no relation to other cars, it would look cute

  • terran698:

    wow i bet my moms focus could fit in the tread groves

  • CardeyaTV:

    this really has to be some HUGE project they are working on, to need those trucks

  • CardeyaTV:

    @1tonyota ME TOO!!!!! I didnt think about that until I saw your comment

  • shpkdadfirst:

    @1tonyota its actually a large forklift that has a big claw on it that rotates, pretty neat

  • 1tonyota:

    id like to see the machine that pute the tires on the rim and takes them off.

  • Zorvette10:

    I wanna drive one! :D

  • urstupidipshit:

    yea im pretty sure its the ‘mammoth’

  • urstupidipshit:

    isnt this truck the “mammoth”?

  • Maxomath:

    Michelin, worlds greates tire makers, they do the best tires to support the 1001hp of the bugatti and also do 13′ high tires, there freacking amazing michelin.

    Question, is the Belaz the more recently model of the titan,or the oldes or there not from the same models?

  • dustystix76:

    not to mention the ride with concrete filled tires would shake the truck to pieces..and make a person ungodly sore after a 12 hour shift..

  • sergukin:

    This is Belaz

  • 1jackdk:

    This is a 793 or a 797 model. The largest models made by CAT. After doing research on it, I found out that the tires are 13.22′ tall, and they are made by Michelin.

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