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Tires vs. Mattracks

This is a short comparison demonstrating the difference between tires and tracks. 44″ tires with Dana 60′s and lockers would not get you through the snow like the Mattracks. Yes, they are more expensive, and not for everyone, but if you need to get through snow, mud, sand or any other soft material they cannot be beat.

25 Responses to “Tires vs. Mattracks”

  • 1GBMProductions:

    how to make a wide vehicle wider with mattracks!

  • 59LOWLIFE:

    @geherdun it’s not a Hummer, is a Humvee M1114.

  • geherdun:

    hummers are horrible. jeep wouldve been better for that kind of job.

  • lespaul12001:

    fuck you

  • TuckaFoo:

    ya i noticed that too the locks aren’t engaged it’s basically two wheel drive

  • bazengao:

    @clinton3892 dude chill out its only a video!…

  • erevofreak96:

    @clinton3892 ok if u can post a vid of ur faggy ranger goin thru that kind of snow then ill call that hummer a pussy but untill then just shut up

  • MrSweetleaf92:

    @clinton3892 thats not even a chevy you dumb fuck and who cares what kinda truck you got? the only reason you think its better is because you own it, everone always thinks that their property is better than the next persons. if you ask me that hummer is a bad muther fucker and the price of those trax probly cost more than your damn truck and house put together so go fuck yourself!

  • Giuelith:

    Giuen Outright Webstore - Google Groups

  • madmax2069:

    @jodyjerm30 Ohhh your right, it did have the chevy suburban tires on it )since that is what a H2 and H3 is. the H2 and H3 is nothing but a luxury SUV .

  • jodyjerm30:

    @madmax2069 A- fuckin-Men hallelujah. The HUMVEE H-1 is the best fuckin truck in existence since its fuckin conception. Its such a badass truck the CJ5 couldnt wait for the HUMVEE to replace it as the military’s go to truck mutherfuckers. If any of you noticed that that HUMVEE did not have original stock wheels and tires. Those rims and tirs were actually from a pussy-assed Hummer H2 which shouldn’t even be categorized in the same family as the H1.

  • madmax2069:

    @clinton3892 LMAO, i seen one of these older hummers with bald tires put those 4×4 you call a real truck to shame in a mud hole. granted it probably would not have got stuck in the first place if he had them locked and have it hell.

    The old first gen hummer is a real truck.

  • smelyalata:

    Funny..all these know-it-alls and hardly any knowledgeable comments… fucking couch drivers wouldn’t know a decent idea if it pissed on their shoes… blah blah negativity without knowledge!

  • Dizzles:

    @EthanVinceDagostino real and u fail

  • soulshower:

    Wait a minute! I read a brochure for the H1 nearing its final years of production. The H1 is suppose to surmount 3ft. of snow drift and tread 2ft. of water.

  • her31am:

    is that legal to drive on road?

  • EthanVinceDagostino:

    fake and gay

  • guitarhero3rox97:

    its all about surface area…..

  • vannadolls:

    @aeropostalbaby1 like a bunch of mudded wooded land and a barely modified sidekick or jimny would be ten times better. but thats jus my opinion

  • pskdlfhv:

    how much to get one hammer like that

  • CopperheadViper:

    rednecks win

  • OverratedTodler:

    @aeropostalbaby1 dude i fricking kidding again! jesus.

  • aeropostalbaby1:

    h1 the big bad machine. $150,000 truck that never gets stuck. even with huge tires aired down. and it could only get through 1 car lenghth of snow before getting stuck. wow. alot better things you could spend 150 grand on

  • aeropostalbaby1:

    @OverratedTodler ok then, h1. even worse on gas. thank you for strengthening my argument. you really are an over rated toddler

  • aeropostalbaby1:

    @OverratedTodler ok then, h1. even worse on gas. thank you for strengthening my argument. you really are an over rated toddler

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