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Tire Rack Tire Test – All-Season vs. Winter Tires

www.tirerack.com Many of today’s vehicles leave the factory with all-season tires. While all-season tires are intended to provide traction in a wide variety of weather conditions, we’ve found they can behave like a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Watch as we compare the difference between all-season tires and winter tires by evaluating acceleration, stopping and cornering capabilities on our snowy test track.

25 Responses to “Tire Rack Tire Test – All-Season vs. Winter Tires”

  • informant007:

    I’ve lived in the NY metropolitan area (CT/NJ/NY) for many years with just all-season tires. Yes, when a major snow storm hits, I am out of luck in that I have to drive like a granny to be safe. But that’s about one day out of each storm, because shortly thereafter the roads have been plowed. Now if I were driving up to the north on a regular basis during the winter, e.g. skiing in Vermont, I’d definitely get a set of snow tires. Otherwise, all-season can do just fine.

  • dieselboy77:

    funny how i avoided an accident saturday thanks for my winter tires, also i went thru 8 inches of snow and didnt get stuck

  • bomberfun1:

    diselboy77: Yes, definitely. Winter tires are meant for Winter, and they certainly have an advantage when turning at relatively to Winter high speeds into a corner.

  • bomberfun1:

    Rule of thumb, I don’t trust the manufacturer promises. I just drive at a safe threshold, when I know there is enough distance to stop and there is enough traction to make a turn.

  • bomberfun1:

    But I have been driving with ALL-SEASON goodyear tires all year round and thanks God, I haven’t had any problems turning, maybe not at 40 mph, but generally speaking, I never ended up twisting my car 180 degrees on an intersection. If there are bad conditions, both All-season and Winter tires end up in a ditch, at least in Canadian winters.

  • ChupoCro:

    @bomberfun1 Exactly as you’ve said, everyone can see the second driver PURPOSELY turns the wheel too late. All three tests are the worst fake I’ve ever seen :-) ))))) Look how the driver fakes he has problems with keeping the straight line in the first test. Reminds me of old car chase movies when car drives 40 km/h and meanders from left to the right edge of the road. Who’d buy this propaganda?? Disgusting :-(

  • BornZombie:

    @rotarydialz – you must be kidding?? This winter as second/winter car I’m driving Golf II on all season tiers and trust me even here in Sweden I’don’t drive under 60mph some times 80mph+, I can’t remember how many times I was stuck in traffic because of some “good” driver with equipped winter tires still doing 30mph on highway.. So winter tires, abs,tsc got nothing to do with your driving skills, it’s all up to driver.. ;)

  • AlwaysWrenching:

    I have 4 studded winter tires from Tire Rack on my Volkswagen TDI. I feel like a God among mortals in the snow and ice. I’ve been comfortably cruising at the speed limit in the left hand lane in virgin snow while passing 25mph 4×4′s and sport-utes riding in the tracks in the right lane. The comparison between true winter tires and All-Season tires in the snow is like shooting a bullet and throwing it.

  • iraqifreak:

    its very smart to test both cars at the same time, so that in case a car slides it would definitely crash into the other :D

  • rifleslol:

    the entire point is that most people that think of driving as just getting from point a to point b, and have no real driving skills or knowledge, are going to buy a car and then drive it, not even thinking about the tires. this test shows the differences between the tires that most people are using, vs what they should be using.

  • dieselboy77:

    bomber my car can turn in corner 40 mph without sliding in a snow with my winter tires

  • parsley0120:

    I don’t think this test is all that fair. I mean getting aftermarket winter tires and keeping the OEM all seasons on the other one. OEM tires are usually crap tires that don’t last long at all and hardly perform well in rain. Of course the winter tires will be better but I think it would be a little more fair if they got some better all seasons and then did this test.

  • aznxkilla22:

    @bomberfun1 nooo but my car slides everywhere and its fwd with all season tires, and i cant turn if i go faster than 20, the traction control always on, if its off my car would be off da road many times, i thik u can actually see the wheel of the second car turned too

  • bomberfun1:

    @ 1:54 the second car did not even attempt to turn. It’s just a commercial. I drive all season and I can turn like other cars on winter tires. It’s minuscule difference. Who corners at high speeds in Winter regardless of winter or all-season tires?

  • jtbo:

    This was reply to GodStink’s post, however from some reason message was not posted to correct location.

  • jtbo:

    I Recommend Continental ExtremeContact or Michelin X-Ice, those I know being pretty good in Europe, so should be good in US too, even models are probably bit different.

    I have some Yokohamas at my Pontiac, but those don’t have a lot of grip really.

    Found out those tires being available when checked from tire rack site.

  • jtbo:

    I have no idea, I drive over 80kph mostly, it is only ice.

  • jtbo:

    That depends from lot of things, but I have been running now one of the best northern europe stud-less tires for over a year and they are good, but only on clear or black ice they are lacking a bit compared to best northern europe studded tires.

    Central european winter tires have lot less grip than these, american tires I have no idea what those are. That is what magazines here (Finland) tell too.

    My current tires are Continental WinterViking 5

    Any winter tire is better than all seasons.

  • sidehop:

    Even with my small FWD Mazda Protege5 was going through 4″ of heavy snow like nothing with snow tires. It won’t make you invincible but it makes a world of difference. Granted the road is not plowed than I had some slipping going on but we’ll see how switching to Yokohama Ice Guard IS20 will do against the Icebear W300 which was okay…but could be better.

  • Barrettfloyd82:

    But the accident wouldn’t be counted against you.

  • Guitarnoob99:

    holy shit im geting winter tires ! i do not want to crash !

  • 8motion:

    Best tires…are Nokian… I have them..on the cars tested in this review…the best..( and they are runflats)..

  • Poorestgump:

    more traction, better handling substitute road noise and speed for safety. AWD, stability control, slip assistance etc.. can only go so far. Winter tires does all the work on snow. I’ve seen videos of cars compared on snow but they never considered stating winter tires installed, what a bunch of nonsense. Install winter tires on any SUV then compare them, that’s where you get result. Tirerack is the best I only order my tires on them wide selection and cheap tires.

  • Poorestgump:

    haha! true

  • g0dbel0w:

    It’s the same car with different color. You must be a rocket surgeon.

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