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The Cool Kids Ft. Boldy James – Tires (Official Video) [HD/CDQ/Dirty]

tycooncashflowsystem.com The Cool Kids Ft. Boldy James – Tires (Official Video) World Premier

25 Responses to “The Cool Kids Ft. Boldy James – Tires (Official Video) [HD/CDQ/Dirty]”

  • nickcap68:

    dog, boldy james is mikey’s cousin… he is a fuckin cool kid haha

  • DubGongTuff:

    Chuck creatin great beats again!!!

  • DubGongTuff:

    @BGunna1000 you don’t know the cool kids then

  • BGunna1000:

    they finally moved away from the gay ass kid shit and got on some grown man type shit.

    they were tight but this new change they about to be tighhhhhhhhht

  • TheAyyyyye:

    The Cool Kids = best thing since Ice Cream
    Real t.
    dem niggas goo hard

  • posterizer55:

    why is it that thy’re not famous yet

  • detroitboy343:

    I Listen To This Shit EVERYDAY!….

  • dgrizzlefyed:

    I like it, but I’m still a child that bumps y’all music

  • tubestatic:

    Inside, That’s Salmon…….spit that so smooth haha

  • lot24runit:

    dope x ness

  • erik203:

    @MrOatmealguy bitchh boldy james goes in hard you faggot

  • realdealmrbill:

    @MrOatmealguy boldy james has always rapped like that but not his greatest verse check out gettin flicked

  • StoopidPhreshKrew:

    Chuck’s production + Mikey’s rhymes=a hit everytime…no questions! been rockin wit CK since 07 & still waitn on “WHEN FISH RIDE BICYCLES”!!! hurry up lol

  • gabejon951:

    @d256461 yeah they hit the underground cali scene too.

  • chzthugz:

    @BuckMarley true that mane

  • BuckMarley:

    @MordenWarfare good, i wouldn’t want them to go mainstream or over raated, you feel me?

    real recognize real, if u know real music then you know real music it is what it is

  • Freechill94:


  • ADdadirector:

    That nigga boldy james a BEAST!!!!

  • teddybruscie:

    Where the album at mothafuckaz!!!

    Tacklebox go hard though

  • d256461:

    good lyrics, nice beat, fresh as hell, these nigga’s been goin’ hard since they first started The Bake Sale, they hold it down for chicago, they keep it real n’ keep it cool, they just aren’t all over tv with the publicity n’ shit like the rest, they are a little more underground and have a more distinct n’ different sound, mad props to The Cool Kids

  • purdman8:

    @MrOatmealguy yea they gettin a lil gangsta but yet they still keep it within themselves… like they talk a lil more bout smokin weed but nothin outrageous or fantasy rappin… they still talk bout jordans and shit… they not talkin bout shit they not doin or shit they dont have like most rappers out there u dig thats why i mess wit them

  • sneakaholic011:

    the beat is rediculous…
    crazy cool kids remix feat. biggie
    on my channel
    check it out if your interested!

  • Meta4ikle:

    Mikey Rock’s rhyme book looks exactly like mine with all the scratches on the lines he changed lol sick

  • MordenWarfare:

    These Guys are under rateded

  • shortyrise:

    the cool kids dont get the credit they deserve….their music go hard

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