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The Automobile Tire Sidewall Code-How To Decipher All The Numbers And Letters

If you want to replace their old tires buy tires for your vehicle, a sure shot way of knowing exactly the type of tire for your vehicle is needed is to decipher the code side. Let’s read each code in detail.
First up are the marks on the tire size. (For example: P195/60R15 87Q)
P is for the passengers. You can find other abbreviations instead of P, for example:
LT for light trucks and T for temporary spare tire.
195 represents the width of the tire in millimeters between the side walls.
60 stands for the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of the tire sidewall height.
R indicates that the tire has radial construction. You can find other abbreviations instead of R, for example, indicating tight Blas B or D, which represents Bias15 Diagonal next to the right shows the rim or wheel diameter in inches.
87 represents the load index.
Finally Q (or sometimes H, S, T, U, V, W, Y, etc.) represents the level of speed. Ideally, the maximum speed attainable by the tire is indicated by the speed symbol.
Then we will read UTQG ratings.
Uniform Tire Quality Grading, mandated by the federal government rates the tread life. Examine traction, wear, temperature resistance, etc before deciding on a value. Located opposite the tire size marking that were discussed a while ago, the lectures will separate UTQG Rating / ratings for temperature, traction and wear.
The wear rate is usually normalized to 100. So if you see 200 as the number of wear, then indicates that the tire wear out twice as well as a tire with a wear 100.
Traction grades are generally identified by letters: AA to AA C. is the highest category, while C indicates that the wet asphalt and concrete, the braking power of the rim is poor.
The tire’s resistance to heat and dissipate heat is indicated by degrees. degrees of temperature is also indicated by alphabets. A indicates that the tire can withstand heat well, B indicates that it can withstand heat as well as a tire rating and C barely passes minimum safety standards. tire temperature grades are also affected by heavy load or incorrect tire pressure.
All these products are, however measured in a controlled environment when the tires are tested. Weather conditions, driving habits, road conditions affect tire performance in real life.
Finally we will learn how to read DOT:
DOT Department of Transportation certifies abbreviated if the tire meets DOT standards for safety that apply to this vehicle. Along with DOT certification is the serial number that indicates the date and place of production of the rim.
Apart from the three main categories of numbers and ratings, you will learn the ideal tire pressure, tire composition and type of tire also indicated on the side. Once you are able to decipher the code side, which are used to purchase the tires of his vehicle on his own.

Gregg Hall is an author living on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Now that you know more about the tire care be sure that you get quality goodyear tires by going to http://www.nsearch.com

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