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Obama Insists Inflating Tires Better Than Oil Drilling

Obama insists inflating tires better than oil drilling

25 Responses to “Obama Insists Inflating Tires Better Than Oil Drilling”

  • TheDavidLister:

    @TheBleedingPatriot guess what is needed to produce the e85 fuel? regular fuel! its not in mainstream use because its not efficient to produce-do your homework!

  • TheBleedingPatriot:

    how is that undisputable fact of global warming treating you this blizzard. 49 out of 50 states all got snow. the coldest winter it what like 30 years. oh let me guess global warming causes it to get freezing cold??? jackass
    - and two its not oil money that funds terrorism you moron its drug money like opium grown in afghanistan.
    -do some more research

  • TheBleedingPatriot:

    have you heard of e85 fuel? it is 85% ethanol. made from corn and other crops. 15% is gasoline. imagine if you could eliminate this countries gas consumption by 85%!!!!! think of all the money that is now longer going to foreign oil companies. it would then go to americas farmers and be kept here in the united states. american vehicles fueled by a majority of american made fuel. less dependency on foreign countries. and im sure this will please some libs its “green”

  • TheBleedingPatriot:

    you referenced to me how clean jobs in california have been created…so what ur saying is all states should be like california?? bankrupt and high unemployment.
    there is a country that did the same thing that president obama is attempting to do create mass amounts of green jobs. a study done in that country showed that for every green job created two were lost. that country is now bankrupt and its citizens are rioting. this country is greece. SIMPLE JUST LOOK AT DATA

  • whalenbrowne:

    No, you sit there an somehow don’t understand. Who said I was a leftist? You’re making this into some stupid partisan politics game.

    I’m just telling you the facts, we will LOSE money drilling oil. The returns aren’t enough to be worth the investment. That loss of money would take away all the jobs it created for oil drilling and more. There are better ways to create jobs. Renewable energy for one. In CA, it has already created many jobs.

    Why would anyone be against renewable energy?

  • TheBleedingPatriot:


  • TheBleedingPatriot:

    and i already know what you are thinking…u all think alike….”thats what obama’s stimulus money did”. NO IT DIDNT.
    Obama made debt for our govt. how does that get paid off??? higher taxes. what does that mean??? instead of getting lets say a paycheck of $2300 after taxes you now get $1800 due to raised taxes. THATS $500 YOU CANT SPEND AT LOCAL BUSINESS WHERE YOU LIVE. he just took away business from businesses.

  • TheBleedingPatriot:

    you are an idiot. you sit there and criticize me for not reading your comment…. you are a prime example of ignorant leftist. where you are talking about the short term, the supply of oil, and i am talking about the long term, the dollars being transfered from one party to another. that transfer of moeny from one party to another should go on for ever….BUT eventually it will be shrunk down to nothing cuase of taxes. the transfer of money from one party to the next is what makes jobs.

  • TheFuturisticAtheist:

    Oil drilling has a really bad effect on the environment, plus it has a low success rate, so why not invest in clean energy, good for the environment, and it creates jobs as well!
    Drilling the U.S. is a waste of time and money….

  • whalenbrowne:


    Did you not read my post? We will never find anywhere NEAR enough oil to make any impact on our energy crisis.

    Your argument is completely illogical. The biggest creator of jobs is renewable energy solutions. It has already created a great many jobs.

    “and so on forever and ever”, I see you didn’t read my post at all, its simple math. It won’t go on “forever and ever”. It won’t last very long at all. And when its done, we will be left with nothing, plus goodbye jobs!

  • TheBleedingPatriot:

    and this is why lefty economics just is illogical. how would it be a waste of money???
    an oil company would pay somebody to build it….JOBS.
    pay somebody to work it…jobs
    pay somebody to ship it to land…jobs
    pay somebody to ship it a refinery…jobs
    refinery hires more people to work…jobs
    the people who work at the refinery have needs…jobs
    all those shipping vehicles need fuel….jobs
    once turned into fuel it needs to be shipped to gas stations….jobs
    and so on forever and ever

  • dggfhdfghdf:

    BAHAHAHA!! lolol

    With all of Obamas lies and fuck ups, and disgracing the dem. party, I ALMOST forgot about this genious comment!!

    ANY fuckin idiot can go to college, BUT you have to be born with common sense!!


  • LordPillsbury1959:

    In May 2009, Petrobras enters into negotiations with China for a $10 billion loan for off shore oil drilling.
    In August 15, George Soros buys $811 million in stock of Petrobras, a 22% stake.
    On August 18, 2009, the Obama Administration approved a $2 billion dollar loan to Petrobras S.A. for the purpose of off shore drilling.
    Nov 4, 2009, China and Petrobras finalize $10 billion deal started in May.
    Guess who gets the oil? China

  • whalenbrowne:

    People who say we need to drill simply haven’t looked at the data.

    If we found more oil than we have found TOTAL, in the entire history of drilling, we would run out of oil in 10 YEARS with a growth rate of 7%. With a growth rate of 2% (about the avg growth rate of oil usage) we would run out in35 years. And this is if we found an impossible amount of oil.

    If we wasted all that money on drilling we would probably only end up with a years worth if were lucky. Pointless.


  • TheSnoody:

    Drill WHERE? Alaska??? That’s about the only place left not peaked out already…and that involves going into ANWR.

  • nytquil1:

    Many Republicans are not college educated…no wonder they dont believe in science.

  • americhica:

    Another stupid Obama Drama speech. I suppose he’s a certified mechanic too? How does talking to energy experts make a difference?? He’s an ass!

  • 4wdscooter:

    DUM ASS! We need to Drill Drill! And put a lot of people to work and be able to pay taxes for all your DUM ASS PORK!

  • Conail23:

    Drill baby drill!!! The answer is not inflating yer tires properly, he is so full of crap!

  • MEAGHER79:

    Genius. Just Brilliant, so this is why Obama won the Nobel prize? F.U. Obama.

  • stiehler1117:

    Barack Obama is a threat to the United States and should be tried like a terrorist. His administration has absolutely no shame in shoving his socialist viewpoint down Americas throats. It is a sad day in America when somebody gets voted in on the promise of false change.

  • NCC1701zulu:

    you know what obama the half breed nigger lover, why dont you go fuck yourself?

  • NCC1701zulu:

    talk about being full of shit, this man shovels it with both hands.

  • awarenessis:

    Obama has a town named after him? With a town hall? If this spreads we could be the United States of Obama. I’m sure that will make someone, namely him, very happy. But first we should start naming once called Main Streets, now known as Martin Luther King streets, as Boulevard Obamas. I shouldn’t joke, it might just happen.

  • united4ever09:

    this guys tryinghis upmost to fix the world , u can see the determination in his eyes. He doent want to send more troops to afghanistan but if he doesnt afghans wil take over!

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