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Mud on the Tires Subaru Outback Music Video

A music video I made that I think came out well. I take no credit for the videos used.

25 Responses to “Mud on the Tires Subaru Outback Music Video”

  • Skahttay:

    @thenissansentra grade*

  • drummerblade:

    this video makes me proud to own a 97 outback. thanks for posting this!!!!

  • ecmit:

    Woohoo. Subaru as God intended…

  • Stang70Fastback88:

    @yappinc You should not drive the car in that mode all the time, as there is no real advantage to this, only disadvantages.

    1. You will dear the front drivetrain out faster, or (according to Subaru of America) twist the front driveshafts.

    2. You will not have AWD when you need it (e.g. pulling out in heavy traffic on a wet road) which can be unsafe.

    3. You are NOT getting better mileage in FWD, even though you might think so.

  • Stang70Fastback88:

    @yappinc That switch, as far as I am aware, is not something that would have come stock with your vehicle. I, at one point, wired up a switch on my center console to that fuse slot you are talking about under the hood, so that I could turn on/off AWD. The only time I did it, though, was in the winter when I wanted to see how hard it would be to get around in FWD. It’s not good to leave the car in that mode, as it sends 100% of the power to the front wheels, which the car is not designed for.

  • yappinc:

    Hey new subaru convert here I have the exact colour as the one in 2:00 except mine would have climb that slope easier, his tires must have been worn out, Mine has a switch on the dash where you can switch on/off the awd i drive mine mostly in fwd i have not seen another with this feature I know u can stick a fuse in a little thing under the hood that says fwd to disengage the awd for towing, has any one got that switch on the left side of the dash near driver door to disable awd let me know

  • dunn98632:

    a true testiment to one of two ricer cars i would ever own this a toyota landcruser or 4×4 truck or 4 runner old ones of the trucks these outbacks are nice cars with flate fours in them

  • DustenRobtoy1990:

    ZThe song says chevrolet not subaru

  • landonscool23:

    i dont think when brad paisley wrote this song that he was planning on it being used in a subaru outback video

  • Matty231:

    indeed. i have a legacy.

  • mstree09:

    Psh its nothing special i put park avenue through more than this

  • hoosier44:

    yup 2000 outback sedan here “winter beater” love it Awesome car

  • joekuta:

    i think all the people that watched this own a subaru

    so get outta here h9ers

  • bballcj2:

    lol nice!

  • DoofersCreepers:

    I luv my subaru cool

  • Happyskateboarding:


  • drummerblade:

    dude where IS this? I can’t find any public trails like this where I am

  • BigChiefMike:

    what a shitty song!

  • thenissansentra:

    > means greater than you fucking idiot! go back 3rd grad dumb shit!

  • brandonc308:

    “subaru > all other cars”

    —ARE U KIDDING ME?!?!? you must own a shitty ass subaru.

  • roguetrip99:

    subaru > all other cars

  • mjl4423474:

    Love it,
    god those cars are good!

    5 star

  • baddestgt500:

    i 3> subaru, i wish they were still in the wrc this season : /

  • subiawd4life:

    oh maybe one of those. whats a Real Truck!

  • jbmx928:

    No. Maybe a real truck.

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