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Howard Beale: Turn off your tvs

Paddy Chayefsky’s character from Network.

25 Responses to “Howard Beale: Turn off your tvs”

  • crisp99:

    you had me the whole way and i nodded approvingly at a bugs life, excellent comment

  • n2motocross:


    … Obamabot

  • SaleGuy:


  • Hopllyte:

    You are partly right on… the problem though with people today is they cant think for themselves. If they could we wouldnt be in the shit we are in if people could think for themsleves. Unfortunatle instead of thinking and forming our own opinions the entire school system has weeded out those who question authority and think independently. They are medicated to the point of chemical lobotomy and the ones who conform are given the right to reproduce more drones or worker bees watch A BUGS LIFE

  • Hopllyte:

    Yeah thats why it cost $385 bucks for a Wall Street Journal subscription. And newpapers are “scaling” back or going out of business. The junk they peddle as news is no different than that in telivision form. So now people just watch shows and entertainment….while thier societ is crashing down around them, becasue of the trust they have lost for “Mainstream Journalism”

  • Hopllyte:

    If the semantics of grammar are what you are more concerned about than the message. Maybe you should go to the time out chair….this is big boy talk.

  • FromGriefToOblivion:

    the pure truth in almost 5min!

  • yogafan6500:

    At 2:50 i love the part in which he says. ” Television is a Circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, sideshow freaks, lion tamers,& football players.Were in the boredom killing buisness.” just like today’s WWE

  • bluekinglion:

    People watch the news and think “This is the official news, the information they are giving me must be true, their whole business is based on news, I assume they must check their facts, and never, never lie”. But we know that we shouldn’t believe everything we see and hear on the internet because we know that absolutely anyone can contribute to it. There isn’t the presumption of truth, we are given a clear ‘point of view’ based system, whereby we are forced to think rather than just accept.

  • Poundz978:

    If you like this scene..you should check out a video on my page..called Die 4 U.S….It crazy trust me!!!

  • orchidtender:

    They should do a feature on elemental grammar and spelling. Then maybe their acolytes would present a more credible argument. Maybe.

    Your = possessive noun.
    You’re = a contraction of “you” and “are”.

    Even my six year old knows that. Maybe she should start watching FoxNews so she’ll fit in with all the other dumbasses.

  • SiliconBong:

    Behold this tube !!! “. . . the most awesome goddamn force in the whole godless world and woe is us if it ever falls into the hands of the wrong people . . .”

  • Edubbplate:

    Don’t worry about all the thumbs down. They come mostly from the people this video is talking about. Celebrities say Fox News is bad, so all the children nod. They’ve given up their dreams and freedom for an illusion.

  • Edubbplate:

    the problem with Fox News is that there usually right…

  • soragirl6:

    @yargins in reality news stations are only soundbites. good old fashioned newspapers are the tickets.

  • dracsor:

    dude seriously, I’m a foreigner and even I know that Fox News is the worst station in the US. Except maybe for the show Freedom Watch all they have is propaganda. They praise republicans, MSNBC democrats. none of them are either fair or balanced. CNN is full of it most of the time. no real reporting.Propaganda for the government.

  • 0xTRX007:

    All the main stream media is controlled by Zionists…

  • crazyharrydirtylarry:

    your kidding right? that was sarcasm right? I mean listen to your language, your thought process expressed ” they give it to you” you say as if you know they are fucking you and you can’t wait to take it some more, “they give it to you” like some happy hooker that complains about other pimps to say this pimp who still beats you and mistreats you maybe even worse is best,only because he SAYS he’s the fairest and most balance, thats right happy hooker use HIS words, fuck all other pimps

  • zackgonnasurvivenwo:

    @Tayitor332 really? why dont you go watch msnbc.

  • balders1983:


  • dragoninthesun:

    oh, sarcasm right? I get sarcasm….

  • Tayitor332:

    Are you kidding? I seriously hope so. Fox News is probably the most biased propaganda machine I have ever seen.

  • yargins:

    And thats why we forsake news stations like CNN, BBC or MSNBC and we should all watch FOX NEWS. They give it to you fair and balanced. Fuck all the other “News Channels” if u can call them that.

  • GhostShip09:

    Holy Jumping Kangaroo. I want this guy on my New World Order.

  • 666Winstonsmith:

    Who controls the media, controls the mind”
    James Douglas Morrison

    Illusion is reality

    “In an age of universal deception, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act” George Orwell

    Research who owns the media

    The internet is the true revolution!

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