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How to change tires for off road vehicles

atv , lawntractor, motorcycle tire remove from rim technique.

25 Responses to “How to change tires for off road vehicles”

  • caseman2294:

    and what was the 3rd kind of bead? lol

  • PaDdY36o:

    and ye cant get a hold of the nipple anymore lol

  • nateberger1:

    i had a same issue with a quad tire i couldn’t get the bead to brake and a friend came to me and told me to try a “jack all” and use the front of his dump truck and well low and behold it worked just a suggestion for you dave it worked for me should work for u

  • braxxtonn:

    It is so easy to break a bead , just get a 6 foot long 2×4 and a 1 foot 2×4 and put the short one one the bead and the long one under the bumper of a truck and pry , duh

  • pickelhead007:

    wow….for a video to show HOW to do a tire change…you didnt show anything bahahahaha ….peple do not listen to this guy wow i am 17 iq points more towards the idiot zone because i watched the whole thing!!! OH AN DAVID!!! ITS A FRIKIN VALVESTEM!!! OMG NIPPLE NIPPLE NIPPLE

  • bisket2003:

    I used my truck to brake the bead on the one side, but for the life of me couldn’t get the other side. I had to take then to a shop. Luckily they did all four tires for $15.

  • minihorserodeo:

    Hey Dave I got a 1982 Honda 90 atc and my front wheel has a huge dry raught crack so I put five tire plugs to stop it but now it has a small leak so I think I will change the tire but it is tubless so how will I change I don’t quite understand thanks

  • mayfairblue:

    good vid dave! if i had a tube i would take the tyre right off the rim and carefully rub my hand around the inside of the tyre,sometimes there is a thorne or something still stuck in the tyre. therefore it gets punctured again as soon as you blow it up. “DAVES FARM ROCKS”

  • codeman897654321:

    yamaha rims arent that bad but suzuki and honda i take em and just pay 8 bucks to have them change em lol i usually end up cutting the tire off my suzuki lol

  • kitfoxflyer:

    @pumpkinman420 I just attached a video on using ether for setting bead — KABOOOOOOOOM

  • KartRacer695:


    yea thats what i was hoping he would show us.

  • grosteph58:

    @valkrum1 I don’t know that method , have you a video of it ? it would be interesting to watch .

  • grosteph58:

    @crunch15431 That works well too ,we also use this method in my country or we use one of the crutches of a backhoe .

  • grosteph58:

    @pumpkinman420 I watched on Youtube some videos of redneck tire resealing with starting fluid : awesome !!!

  • 1320carlover:


  • 1320carlover:

    repeat 1:36 several times its halarious

  • jakemobile972:

    thats cool i didnt know that

  • VancouverCanucksRock:

    I always tell the girls not to prick my tube!!!!

  • Whit3King:

    @XcantbesavedX david thought me alot of shit too, and im sure he did as well for many others. Ide like to have a neighbor like him. all my neighbor are frikin sissys that freak out every time i shoot crows outside with my shotgun.
    Long live manliness!!

  • rippinreffers:

    this is how things are ment to be done good job

  • TheMegabuster123:

    men and cars are dumb! walk or ride a bike

  • cichlidmaniac25:

    ive got atv tires off with a vise it just takes a crap load of time

  • SubaruXT6:

    @richardfld using a small hammer of course.
    i was referring to a Sledge it wont bounce back enough to hit you.

    btw for vehicle i have a tire machine. other stuff i dont even have.

  • richardfld:

    @SubaruXT6 its fucking stupid tbh… My mate tried using a lump hammer to try getting a car tyre off a rim and it bounced back and broke his shin.

  • Randybcs:


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