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Don’t Tread Lightly: a Closer Look at Your Vehicle’s Tires

What is the least appreciated part of a vehicle? A good answer would be the tires.

Most people do not give much attention to the tires until it’s too late – until they fail. And when the tires do not, it could mean two things: either you get a minor inconvenience that might involve getting stuck in traffic, missing work, while putting the spare tire, or a scenario that could be much worse – a fatal accident .

If you own a vehicle, it might be a good idea to give more importance to your tires. Be sure to check the condition of the tires being used today and pay attention to defects or failures. Check the spare tire, too.

Or better yet, continue reading this article. It further on security issues relating to the vehicle’s tires.

Beware of the serious defects in the tires of his car

This should serve as a warning to the driving public. There may be hidden defects in tires that could cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles on the road.

It is not enough that the tires look good, are properly inflated and have a good amount of tread. It’s a good idea to verify the age of your tires.

Because tires are the most neglected part of a vehicle, drivers often forget how old your tires as long as they still look good. This might be true especially for replacement tires, some of them might be up a decade or more. A spare tire too old, believe it or not, could deteriorate to the point of having rotten inside. One can only imagine the disastrous effects this could lead to extremely high speed driving.

In tires, rubber straps that hold together long degrade and lose their elasticity. It will reach the point where the tire can no longer hold. Research shows that tires six years or older tend to decompose. And not just the spare tire in the trunk that can be dangerous. Even tires purchased in the store or showroom can be as dangerous – who knows, they could have been sitting on a shelf for more than a decade waiting to be sold.

Tips to prevent accidents caused by old, defective tires

Many vehicle manufacturers now put warnings on their car manuals against using tires more than six years of age. Some experts, however, call for the due dates to be stamped on the tires not unlike other consumer products such as milk.

The tire industry disagrees, stating that expiration dates will only give consumers a false sense of security. They emphasize that this could lead consumers to use the tires and wear them until the knot, as long as the products remain within the expiration date.

tire makers say proper maintenance is the key to safe tires and that there is no reliable data tires become dangerous after six years.

How to make sense of all these conflicting opinions of experts? Here is an important consumer information: on the outside wall of the tire, the side facing away from the car, are a series of digits and letters. The last series of four numbers actually shows the date of tire manufacture. For example, if it shows 1202, this means that the 12th week of 2002 is the date of tire manufacture. By checking the date of manufacture can be determined by the age of the tire. You can then decide whether it is time to buy new ones.

Mark Lorenzana is a fulltime copywriter for IBC Japan, a company that specializes in exporting used cars from Japan. He has written a regular column and articles for various newspapers and moonlights as a copyeditor and freelance writer. IBC Japan specializes in exporting used cars from Japan with regional distribution centers worldwide.

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