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District 9 Clip: Tires & Cat Food

District 9 Clip showing the Aliens craving for tires and cat food. District 9 is owned by TriStar Pictures. Best movie of the summer!

25 Responses to “District 9 Clip: Tires & Cat Food”

  • SuperKiao:

    uhh this is nice uuhh cat food!! haha loved that line!

  • dashielove:

    my weiner dog would rather eat cat food than dog food. guess its very tasty!

  • Jacko459:

    @ChuckMucklewashere He held onto his arm and kicked him so his arm fell off.

  • BrianSouvannarath:

    @ChuckMucklewashere guy got thrown

  • jolX487:

    @ChuckMucklewashere the prawn basically grabbed the guy’s arm and kicked his chest, so he went flying and his arm was ripped off

  • summerbrezz74:

    O good I didn’t imagine that he made that sound then. Very freaking cute!

  • Tudor3867:

    Did anyone notice that right before the beanie alien took the catfood, it made a little “purr” sound.
    It was…SO DAMN CUTE

  • Steadyrock100:

    after watching these alien shrimp beings, its time for a seafood dinner!

  • tehBLAX:

    @patataton helicopter hat lol

  • wtd15:

    its like cops with aliens

  • NecroFeeLuP:

    well the guy at the end said it was catnip for cats to the aliens, so its kind of like a drug to them

  • ChuckMucklewashere:

    00:12 wtf was that!!

  • thegirl44:

    Your dogs try to sneak it because cat food has a higher fat content, so it tastes better than their own food, but this doesn’t explain why the prawns liked it.

  • dashielove:

    wikus can come over to my house & bring cat food. hes hot!


    Why is dogfood dry!! WHY!! *sob sob sob* Dogs eat meat that is wet. Why do they have to eat dry food! WRRRRRRHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!??????

  • KnJPresentations:

    i love that aliens hat!

  • UDWiTzCosmic:

    ye nobody does everyone likes the aliens i love this movie its the best i hope they make a sequel so chris and his son can come back and kill all the mnu but idk if that will happen because chris is peacful but maybe there will be a fight if he tells his planet and they all get mad and come back then that would be awesome SLAUGHTER the mnu

  • raygun6060:

    Lol helicopter hat

  • CasimusxPrime:

    @KingGhidorah3000 Your right. It is a beanie.

  • KingGhidorah3000:

    @patataton I think the helicopter hat is called a Beanie.

  • Xaecord:


  • nirvanachick05:

    im not gonna lie that cat looks good

  • LobsterPotsticker:

    @HisDivineShadow245 catfood is mushy like tunafish
    dog food is usually dry or meatie

  • Ele3tricEye:

    @HisDivineShadow245 its better than the raw meat which is probably diseased

    apparently mnu and that nigerian gang uses it to control the aliens

    -also, note how nobody refers to them as prawns outside of the movie. it seems like the fans have a lot of respect for these guys

  • Disturbed246810:

    Hehe this movie is excellent.
    I wouldn’t mind having an alien friend.

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