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DeFrancosTraining.com – 600 lb. tire flip!

High school junior, Darin Wood, competes against the big dogs at the 1st official DeFranco’s Strongman session of 2007! He completes 3 tough flips of the 600 pound tire!!!

25 Responses to “DeFrancosTraining.com – 600 lb. tire flip!”

  • MrStitch105:

    Nice work. Back up the feet though, and lean on the tire. Your position should be that if the tire vanished you would take a dive straight into the ground.Use the knee bump, and pushing the tire down with force will bring the chest, shoulders and triceps into play

  • klmasi:

    Gotta agree with buttchief.This training does help.

  • paolo27th:

    What makes you think the guy`s training for a fight?

  • gpburr:

    Ya! and maybe if you try it, you can be known as the puny little fucktard e-thug who shit his pants and prolapsed his anus trying to flip a tire!

  • mocaandduncan:

    im a freshman i flipped a 800 one time

  • Mikinator:

    squats don’t tear up your knees if your form is good

  • skamerjosh:

    dam i didnt think he had that last one in him

  • 180Patrick360:

    Proud of ya, mate! You didn’t let that slip ruin the experience for you. You kept going. That’s the mental part of being “BUILT LIKE A BADASS!”

  • upyours323:


  • geilo1968:

    yep, great compound excercise- requires explosive force and endurance.

  • buff21chief:

    You clearly have never trained before, I can’t even explain how important this type of training is. Its a full body workout, helps you with balance and if you’ve ever done it, then you’d know its one of the best forearm workouts ever. Handling this much dead weight comes in really handy when your fighting a guy and wrestling around with him. This isn’t going to tear knees up any worse than squats would.

  • doctorsizzle:

    wow…depending on the purpose of this drill…this the reason why many dudes in the fight sport fail! if i’m entering a tire flip contest yes…i need to do this. otherwise. i’d becareful with this! how are you gonna tear your knees off before a real match?
    well, at least you’ll be known as the guy who can lift the hell outta a tire.

  • glcb7:

    man we got these tires at my school and the one i was flippin for the very first time was 600 pounds or more too…and it is really difficult to do…this guy did exactly what i did…3 murderous reps

  • Soob4ME:

    Ditto. Widen that trip and use your arms like rops and like he said, use your chest and push forward and the tire will naturally want to come off the ground and roll over.

  • writeguy73:

    Great work kid.

  • seahawk98277:

    it’s easier to stand the tire upright then roll it

  • zodawg0079:

    That’s a great display of strength…next time try getting lower and driving your chest into the tire, you’ll find you can do more reps. Excellent job, though!

  • bears145:

    D Wood is the fcukin man!! GO HAWTHORNE

  • xkkx7:

    Joe, where do u get your tires from?

  • Gubernick7:

    COOL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

  • jobby67:


  • jobby67:


  • thomshe:

    Hey Joe on your strongman days for the keg tosses what weights do you use? Also would you use 8 gallon kegs for girls? Looking forward to the seminar in July!

  • JessicaE44:


  • jobby67:


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