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Dangerous Tires

ABC News 20/20 Brian Ross Investigates. Uploaded by the Andy Moore Scholarship Fund.

25 Responses to “Dangerous Tires”

  • d4u1d1e:

    Your username says it all, “IamGreed”. You think because someone sheds light on old tires the industry is about money. You would think different if someone you knew died as a result of such a thing. I bet if your 13 year old Geolander blows and damages your truck your the first one to blame it on the tire manufacturer that they made a faulty tire. I hope you never have to experience such tragedy or wish upon you that your tires damage your vehicle.

  • leslie9800:

    @024reredrum Yea but thats two tires. Not 1.

    Its harder to control when theres tread in one but not the other. Cause there is no balance

  • leslie9800:

    @besquell Yea but thats loosing both the front tires.

    The video shows one blow out which is significantly harder to control now because there is no balance.

  • philliefan1313:

    yo i work at that gas station

  • f4r33st:

    Got 4 year old tires on both cars :P

  • marktsheppard:

    fucken people! ever seen police chases, bad guys drive until their stolen SUV tires pop and then drive on the rim, wtf? why live in fear!
    “if it’s your time to go then it’s your time to go”

  • fuckiraq12:


  • 024reredrum:

    @besquell An f1 going 100 mph is a little different. F1s are VERY difficult to drive especially in a skid, when you skid in an f1 you loose down force which causes you to crash. Like I said my dad lost two tires at 75 mph and was able to recover from the skid. I would like to see there “skilled” drivers credentials.

  • besquell:

    @024reredrum good driver wont lose it that is not true i have f1 races where a tire blows out at around a 100 mph and they crash and i think u could call them good drivers.

  • IamGreed:

    Media scare tactics. No surprise this story was put together by big tire manufacturers. Discount and Tire Rack now refuse to mount tires more than 4 years old. Big surprise! THEY SELL TIRES! THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL YOU NEW TIRES! THEY WANT YOUR MONEY!

    My Yokohama Geolanders are 13 years old and have traveled cross country 3 times and have 65k on them. They still stop on a dime.

  • tsslaporte:


    No need to ask just cite the source.

  • 024reredrum:

    Shit happens. The dip shit probably wasn’t wearing a seat belt. If you loose a tire you aren’t guaranteed to crash if your a good driver you can save it. My dad lost two tires going 80 when we ran over a block of wood in the dark and he didn’t wreck. Old tires are fine unless they are rotten.

  • BakAmiChan:

    can i use this video for my project in school?

  • bdawk20:

    faulty reporting….once again not telling the entire story…the 12 year old tires were OBVIOUSLY from a motorhome…and may have been retreads..and what if she bought them KNOWING that?….the treads on the side of the road were Tractor trailer tires…….and hey what were the inflation pressures when the tires failed?..how fast were they going?…..when was the exact LAST time the consumer actually LOOKED at those tires?….think about it…when was the last time you looked at yours?

  • fitchesbass:

    I feel horrible for the family that lost their son, but the fact that they are showing 18 wheeler treads on the side of the road speaks volumes about the overreaction and dramatization that went into this report.

  • gringopirate:

    The tyres are 4 years old… THIS WOMAN FOUND OUT LATER THEY WERE 12 YEARS OLD. Just a bit wrong hahaha

  • 3619Country:

    You’re right about inflation. Underinflation causes more failures than anything else. Driving a tire when really low, then putting air in it is no good. The sidewalls have already been weakened.
    Like you said in the other post, the sunlight is what dries out and breaks down the rubber. Don’t buy that tire in the showroom window. You can feel the difference in a sun dried tire by running your hand over the sidewall.
    Common sense and using a tire gauge will prevent most failures.

  • FrustratedSnake:

    hehe, trow them a quince años party

  • FrustratedSnake:

    its not a retread if you can see the damage oh the inside of the tire.

  • Rhin0Neil:

    My classic car is a mini. It has still got the original cross-ply tyres on it. Made in 1968.
    They still drive great..I know because my father bought the car new and its only covered 25K miles…..

  • gjsterp:

    What a bunch of Horse Shit!
    Yes, tires fail, but what are the odds.
    More Media Scare tactics.
    It fell on deaf ears on me.

  • taturbo1989:

    Also no mention of the differing methods of tire storage and the detrimental effects of SUNLIGHT which is truly the most damaging on tires.
    Tires stored in the cool and dark can last safely for much longer than tires sitting out in the sun daily as many shown in this video were.
    I have personally run tires over 10 years old and up to 15 year old on my own vehicle without any type of failure! I also drive very aggressively.
    This is a very one sided story which leaves out lots! People=Sheep!

  • taturbo1989:

    There are so many factors that they left out! First the motor home shown with the tire tread peeled off sure looks like a RETREAD. The casings on those can be much older but still useable when retreaded.
    Second, They totally didn’t mention tire inflation issues which were the big reason tires failed on For Products. Ford Recommended 28psi in a tire designed to run at 32psi or higher! The will = FAILURE.
    Tires can be run safely that are older and as stated… NO PROOF shown scientifically!

  • meangreen69Nova:

    After watching this, I check my tire dates when I buy tires.

  • Arch66Vile:

    damn my tires are from 1309, but they only last for 6 mounths

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