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Brad Paisley Choked on mud on the tires

Brad chokes at the grand ole opry

25 Responses to “Brad Paisley Choked on mud on the tires”

  • BpaisleyLbryan01:

    I still think he’s perfect:) I love u brad!!:)

  • mitchwayne07:

    Well, at least we know he’s not lip syncing like most main stream artists…shit happens. He’s still a great artist.

  • jabp891:

    @LEIDMS Haha I’m Jealous of her!! :)

  • bmwdriver63:

    I was there. At the to of the stadium… I won tickect through my local radio station!

  • autumnbreeze55:

    Always on my mind MB


    That was my cousin and her friend helped him out on the second verus there

  • lilben9516:

    Yeah Me and My girlfriend (both in our 20′s) were at this 11/28/09 9:30pm show we were on the upper level Section 14 Row E seats 7 and 8. It was a treat for us both. It was the First time either one of us had ever been to the Grand Ole Opry and we both felt priveledged as we witnessed a show at the Ryman Auditorium where it all began!!! Being that it was the Grand Ole Opry’s 84th Birthday that very night. Did anyone else there that night sense a warm-n-fuzzy energy throughout the whole place ??

  • Air1707:

    LOVE Him!

  • ChadC2468:

    Everyone know that Brad Paisley Tweeted about this Video on his twitter??

  • kitsune720:

    hahahaha poor Brad. That has to be soooo embarrassing!

  • johnson200gw:

    ha ha there you go!

  • angeltommy70:

    Brad is awesome :) He is one of the best country music singers there is:) I can sing all of his songs word for word:))

  • MsBaByC17:

    brad paisley is the shiz. i love him and he is so cutee

  • Joannepais:

    I love this. Brad you are just the best whatever you do. You are a class act!

  • DaLiToons:


    And how cool is Brad for acknowledging your video, and even sending people here to watch it.

    Awesome, Wonderful, Just a down to earth, Real, Sincere, Genuine, Heart-felt, Regular Guy with an Awesome Gift that we all get to enjoy!! … Accolades, Accolades, Accolades, Brad.

    Thank you!!

  • DaLiToons:

    Hey 20CF20 ~

    I also was there!! Ryman Auditorium – Sat. 11/28 – 9:30PM!! Wasn’t it just awesome! I was sitting in sect. 7 Row D seat 3, not too far away from you!

    I was shy taking video, as Eddie Stubbs & Jimmy Dickens were looking right down at me, but did record the audio, also for Jimmy Wayne, et al. Wasn’t it GREAT!! Good time def. had by all!

    Hey Y’all, I don’t think you are allowed to Lip Sync when performing at the Opry — this is as cozy and authentic as is comes!

  • natawee28:

    I love brad! :) )

  • renthead22:

    good to know he doesnt lip syncing!!!! though i never thought he did! but haha you so freakin cute i love how he just like crap! i wrote this how do i not remember the words! haha i love him

  • lougaboo:

    that is funny, but man now we know he doesn’t lip sync , and that he’s only human :)

  • bradfan628:

    We were in Nashville this past weekend – unfortunately couldn’t get to the Opry, but we did hear this live on WSM. We just cracked up – it was soooooo funny!!
    Love you Brad!! :-)

  • Thatsjadeforyou:

    This is exactly why country fans are the best. We totally understand that our stars are only human.

  • ACountryGirl44:

    Haha :) He’s so awesome. Love this song!

  • faithtrustpixiedust5:

    this is great! so cute! i love him

  • hunterroutten123:


  • broadwaylaa:

    hahaha this is fabulous! i love him haha so cute

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