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Automotive mythbusters, tires, suspension, brakes, steering

lots of stuff to learn about under the car problems and myths.

25 Responses to “Automotive mythbusters, tires, suspension, brakes, steering”

  • PonyPower71:

    @TerdFurg3zon He’s not dangerous, just cheap.

  • joejedlicka:

    @TerdFurg3zon Rubber bushings may disintegrate, and shocks may leak. But as long as you are a competent driver and are aware of these conditions, with these defunct parts safety can still be maintained. Although for this to be true, you must obey the 2 second rule, an even greater time period in adverse conditions, and follow posted speed warnings and limits. This theory is based upon a driver with average skills, advanced skills could push said parameters in some instances.

  • aaronchungrulez:

    @giterdone93 hahah one more guy that says honda civic is drift car, i will find them and sock them straight in the face

  • josiahroberson:

    @SyIvania If you replace your pads when the sensors start squeaking you you will be fine without doing anything to your rotors, Rotors should last three pad changes at least. I had a jeep with 314,000 miles on it and in 220,000 miles the rotors only needed replaced 2 times.

  • SyIvania:


    What state of repair?

    Replacing worn parts when they’re bad? and not partially?

    Dave makes sense, no point in replacing stuff too soon!

  • SyIvania:


    Not in snow and ice, that’s why they’re winter tires?

    Then resurface your rotors because you’re not supposed to just slap on new pads!!!

    The cost of resurfacing usually justifies replacing rotors.

  • josiahroberson:

    This is insanely stupid, hard rubber wears out faster(see z rated tires), If you replace your rotors every time you do your breaks there is something wrong with your breaks. This must be maintenance for hill billy’s.

  • Quickwa1:

    @nullwii yea cause im sure advanced auto has things like a press or a real diagnostic scanner not just some code grabber. Maybe they got an alignment rack you can drag home and throw your car up on. Basic hand tools and specialty tools yes, but trust me they don’t have everything you will ever need. I don’t think its for free either. I am sure its a rental and you probably gotta put in a deposit. BTW many of my tools and my box are Snap-on and yes they are expensive.

  • nullwii:

    @Quickwa1 Expensive equipment? you mean the tools you can get on loan from most auto parts stores? and to say shops do it right, good luck.

  • TerdFurg3zon:

    Mr. David, you my friend are a dangerous man. I frequently see vehicles , in the state of repair that you’re endorsing, wandering all over the interstate. Overserviced?? Fresh suspension is a BIG deal. You don’t have to get took at the service garage or parts counter, but it’s no excuse for not keeping up on car. Vigilant as we may be, ultimately, our daily commuting liabilities rest with the least maintained vehicle, the least savvy driver, or both around our immediate path of travel.

  • hellcat1988:

    CC is cubic centimeters… CI is cubic inches. Don’t enough people have problems in math without you messing up their understanding of the metric/us ratios?

  • icelez:

    a bad sway bar made my car track all over the road

  • HDFunrider:

    OMG !!! What a non educated auto goofball! He needs to stay on the farm! It scares me to think that someone that stupid could be driving there car past me. He is a shade tree tech from hell. Don’t listen to this ass!

  • metalux1971:

    1:12 whats stupid? do you also on a holiday with the car if you have less then 1MM brake pad?
    because you will replace them anyway
    you do that with tires also “i wait i get a blown tire ,then i wil replace the tire”"

  • metalux1971:

    0:55 “the rotors are cheap and so poor”
    thats not with an european car
    only with amercan cars

  • saffronwales:

    @ThePatUltra i know :) its just ignorance i suppose :)

  • ThePatUltra:

    @69plasticbags-Well, not exactly. Technically, you are correct, but if you go to the parts store and ask for a shock absorber, you will get a hydraulic/gas damper, and if you go to the parts store and ask for a damper, you will probably get either an engine mount, or a steering stabilizer, that is, if the counterman knows technical terms at all, which, he probably won’t. Why the names are backwards is anyone’s guess, they just are. Just thought I’d point that out…

  • fallenembers08:

    so many times during this video, i wanted to say ‘ thats what she said’ lol

  • 65438922:

    thats how mine is well its my friends its a chevy trailblazer

  • TheBadBaron:

    ok, probably ball joint(s) then my mom’s car made a horrible noise when turning the steering wheel, and the wheel was very stiff to turn

  • ballzbroz:

    0:40 david you said makes you rub her harder lol jk

  • 65438922:

    more like metal screeching like a bed

  • TheBadBaron:

    is it like a screeching grinding noise or rubber squeaking

  • 65438922:

    thanks. it is when i turn corners it starts to squeek

  • TheBadBaron:

    that would usually be shocks or control arm bushings. if it is when you turn then it gets expensive

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