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mounting 44 swamper mud tire v2

mounting a 44×18 super swamper on a 21″ wide rim with starting fluid
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25 Responses to “mounting 44 swamper mud tire v2”

  • Gauthier808:

    wtf those tire are over

  • slightdrift:

    my buddy worked at a tire shop and had a used 44″ bogger blow up while he was standing/kneeling on it and filling it with air. It really fucked his knee and leg up bad..I’m talking more severe than a major car accident.. the tire shrapnel took chunks out of his knee and shin bone!!

  • crazzywolfie:

    @HugeRedneck7 it works but you should remove the valve stem’s core before you do it. i seated the tires on my dad truck like this and that was nearly 2 years ago and so far no problems.

  • HugeRedneck7:

    does this actually work? i mean does this do anything to the tire or is it fine

  • butucancallmedre:

    yea buddy aint nothin but a good time. do it how you want.if it works it works.

  • offamychain:

    Several tricks to fixing stubborn tires are often secrets within the tire industry, since OSHA & insurance would have field day with them. But if you know how to do those CORRECTLY, the result is almost always positive & safe. One example is infamous road-grader tires, notorious for blowing rings off if you look at them wrong. The rings are so thin they could slice a person. Get 6 pairs Vice-Grips, know how to & where to use them & you can safely take a nap on top of the tire as it’s airing up.

  • offamychain:

    I owned a service station for 3 years, fixing around 75 (yes, 75) flats per week on everything from motorcycles to log skidders. Sometimes this is just the only way to do it. We had a VERY expensive super-thick goop made from soybeans that you could use to “dam up” the gap between wheel & tire. It was so thick it would stay there as the tire expanded. But big tires would have taken 5-gallons of the stuff. Ether was easier & cheaper. Never had an injury either, although there WERE accidents.

  • geniusmasterclass:

    Joe Pesci is fitting tyres now?

  • ghettosmirnoff:

    @greenjeep92 your truck in the vid doesnt even sounds like a diesel. i just knew it was weak. thought you were runnin a smallblock or something with no power. just thought i would mention a cam. dont egt you pannies in a bunch. i just watched your video and your rig sucked it up. but since your so negative against everything anyone says ill keep to myself. your one of those know it all has it all people. ill bet you have everything rite? your even dating jessica simpson LOL.

  • greenjeep92:

    @MrMuddawg I have nothing against usin stater fluid to sit a bead. And I have never paid for a shop to mount any Offroad tires. I am mainly making fun on mounting a bald ass tire on a 21″ wide rim. Don’t get your panties in a bunch

  • greenjeep92:

    @ghettosmirnoff First of all, that was the initial run the night after finishing swapping in 1 tons, and hydro assist. It had stock gears then. A cam would not do shot for a 6.poo diesel. I would not waste money on that motor. My rig now sits on 5.38s, dual cases, cage, full hydro, and am currently going to a 454 on pane.

  • MrMuddawg:

    i donno what greenjeep problem is but if thats the way ya get it done then hell its better than paying a shop to mount them. i dont see why he has to shit on everyones parade cause there not doing something the “correct” way but hey whatever good job sweet videos

  • steveandant:

    hahah god damn love the ether trick

  • ghettosmirnoff:

    greenjeep92. the only thing you need is a good cam. you dont have enough torque for those big tires. once you solve that problem the mud your getting stuck in wont be hard to get out of. i hear your engine bogging down alot. a good cam will help. maybe an XE268H comp cam. for trucks. specifically for torque. a good investments for around 200 bucks

  • ghettosmirnoff:

    greenjeep92 is obviously upset. everyone lets leave him alone before he gets med! LMAO. dude everyone is just hangin out in the video. they probably came over to help their buddy work on his 4X4. hell here in KY we all gather up and cookout. work on our trucks and have a good time. if your on the outside looking in on 4X4 guys you wont understand half of what we do. try to join a group of 4X4 people and your opinion will be different. you will see that theres alot of fun in it.

  • truckpro69:

    and for greenjeep i dont know anybody that post on here and do you see me posting on your vids abiut hiw stupid you are well bro its like this i build my stuff myself i dont have much money but i get it done with what i got so when you can roll with us flordia boys stay in the shallow end of the pool and thanks all for posting us including you greenjeep

  • truckpro69:

    the rims are mwr simulated beadlocks

  • greenjeep92:

    And I prove myself… The two previous commets were obviously two buddies videotaping. Imbreads

  • agwa45:

    @greenjeep92 if you got a problem with it look at somthin else or hell take a video an do somthin better you fuck nut

  • ghettosmirnoff:

    everyone excuse greenjeep92 for his comments. im guessing hes one of the whipped ass housewife stay at home mister mom who has nothing better to do then make fun of guys for having fun. i mean listen to his comment. ill bet his wife rocks him to sleep at night and assures him we are the devil LMAO you fucking POON!

  • SuperBigEv:

    why do people put rims that are obviously wayyy to wide for their tires, looks stupid and cant be safe

  • Jordanjschaecher:

    @Williambramble because if he doesnt air it up quick, the air inside the tire will cool and contract, then suck it back off the rim

  • howbouthaywood:


  • brandonward22:

    Who needs Big O Tires or Les Schwab, when you have good ol’ redneck knowhow!!

  • foxyz125:

    haha great video man never thought of the poll before now i wont have to run like hell lol

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