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Interco Super Swamper Tires  

Article by Matt Miller

When you think of serious tires, you are probably envisioning the Interco Super Swamper models. Referred to as “S.S,” these tires offer some serious traction. Compared to standard highway tires you might see on a family sedan, Super Swampers are jagged monsters with treads etched deep into the rubber. Simply put, these are some specialized tires. Here’s how to know if you can benefit from installing them on your vehicle and how to use them well.- Dig into the terrain or go onto the highway and feel completely secure. That’s the magic of a Super Swamper set. Ask yourself this question: Are you going to do some off-road driving but plan to also take the highway to get there? If so, a tire designed in the Super Swamper Interco tire series may be your ticket to a great experience.- Super Swamper tires are designed as light truck radial tires. The Super Swamper series is ideal for the driver who wants to feel as secure on the highway as he does off-road. Think of these as true truck drivers’ tires. They are tires that offer great traction in icy conditions and muddy. These tires run quietly as well, which is a definite plus.- Are you willing to pay attention to the air pressure filling your tires? If your answer is yes then you are a good candidate for Super Swamper ownership. These tires must be filled to the exact manufacturer recommendations if one is to use them for highway travel. Make sure those tires have the correct psi before you turn off of that exit and onto the 70mph zone.- Are you searching for something extra in a tire? The Super Swamper’s patented TSL grooving definitely delivers that and more.- Interco tends to manufacture ’boutique tires,’ which are tires that are specifically made for different conditions. The company makes it simple to select from among their wide variety of tires. Simply write down what you plan to use the tires for, what you are hoping to gain from the tires and what your current tires are lacking. Then visit a local Interco retailer and share your list with a technician. He or she will help match your needs with the Interco tire that is right for you.

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