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tire groove TSL Super Swamper

tire grooving with van alstine g-1000 unit

23 Responses to “tire groove TSL Super Swamper”


    @bikerD15 It’s not a daily driver, and 4 tires and rims on a roof rack would seriously increase the CG height, thanks

  • ulric291:

    @JEEPSERIOUS They should make tire shoes!!!….ok, I’ve got nothing

  • bikerD15:

    @JEEPSERIOUS Then how bout put them on at home before you head out. Or put them in a roof basket.


    @bikerD15 your right about onroad tire wear but, then i would have to get another set of rims and tires, mount a hitch on my rig which would take up ground clerance, purchase a trailer and haul it where i go and leave it at the start of the trail and maybe get stolen along with the new rims and tires. then would have to change tires twice per trip. not very appealing


    @borrowedparts yup your right, i guess that’s the price you pay to get that last bit of traction, thanks

  • bikerD15:

    you should slap those on an extra set of rims, and put them on when you get to your off roading destination. That way they last longer and won’t wear down on the street.

  • borrowedparts:

    i definitely would have left a half inch not grooved on the outside of the outer lugs, that makes them chunk off alot easier to take them all the way, but by leaving that half inch, you dont lose the structure of the lug but gain the biting edge in the new cut

  • chevboy119:

    looks kool dude

  • yodantheman25:

    man that made me laugh the pic with the two piles of the rubber u cut of then the can of beer in the middle

  • mattcb750:

    nice job, look almost new again

  • slashbasher96:

    dont go through the outside lugs like that start in a little

  • TheRob916:

    looks better than the other jobs I seen on youtube… good job

  • crazeejay2006:

    Very nice work!!

  • siTTinLo420:

    nice work,!!! that tire groover you got works awesome huh? i bet those tires are at least 100 percent better now in mud,,,

  • SnowYota22r:

    kokanee in a can eh? nice!!


    yup, more chance at chunking, i kept the cut on the side lugs shallow and narrow to reduce that chance

  • 1badcj8:

    Notching the middle lugs for sure helps traction it the rocks. Buuuut I would NOT notch them on the out side, they chunk BAD. This is from experiance, not guess work…


    to each his or her own opinion but i think you would have a greater chance of tearing up a tire in the rocks than the mud, thanks for the comment

  • sirus06:

    This is more for rock crawlers for more tire grip on rocks and to contour over the surface of the rock better usually running around 10-15 lbs of tire pressure with bead lockers to allow better tire flex while these will still work for mud i wouldn’t suggest it only cause you stand a chance of tearing you tires to shreds great tire grooving and nice groove gun keep up the great vids.


    yes, the tire should be a little more flexy with the center lugs cut. as for the strength of the outer lugs, there is still alot of meat there but more likely to have a chunk tear off.

  • youngron707:

    more flex of the tire too huh?
    does this theory weaken the toughness of the larger lugs?


    yes, more biting edges

  • budnixon:

    I am guessing for better traction? Seems like a good idea…

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