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The Mounds  

Article by 1TUF99

The Mounds is a popular Michigan off road “park” and one of the few close enough to draw in crowds form all over. In a recent change the mounds said that they are banning the use of tractor tires. For years the course has been rutted out and in some places only accessible with tractor tires. This poses problems for some who dont have access to tough enough tires or trucks with big enough lifts to get through the roughest parts of the park.

My families truck have so far been tough enough to handle these changes. However, some have had huge issues now having to adapt to using mud tires. Even though mud tires are made for the mud, tractor tires are the best for deep mudding.

I recommend going with the king of the mud tires, the Interco forty-four inch Super Swampers. These are the most popular brand and make of mud tires. I took Interco. nine years to develop and test these tires to near perfection. Their unique tread pattern and wall thickness is designed to make them the most durable off the road. Super Swampers are also specially designed and cut to be self-cleaning, this means that they disperse mud, sand, snow the faster they spin the better they lose the mud. This would allow you to keep traction when in thick heavy mud, or when in deeper mud, or when in parts of the south where clay makes up more of the dirt. Personally i keep a set of these tires for my truck when i travel to my grandparents house in Alabama. They perform great in the mud and are worth every penny you will spend on them. Now because the tread is so aggressive and made for use in the mud its not suggested that you drive them on pavement, and if you do especially that you dont have them aired to, too high of pressure. This will cause your tires to wear very quickly, and when i say very quickly im talking about almost in a matter of weeks if driven allot and on the highway, and after that they become useless. So its best to keep them just mudding.

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I am just another boy from the country that grew up wanting to go real fast and try things that were fun and exciting. I like working on car, but trucks have always been what i drive and what my family drives. If you want to see more check out my squidoo page by clicking the link http://www.squidoo.com/off-the-beaten-trail

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