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  • Serostern:

    That looks… Groovy!

  • cgspeeddemon1:

    @lowriderkillers you mean you can actually HURT the 6 months they last???? LOL if your runing boggers you better not be concerned about tread life before you even buy them. even inn the sandy az dessert i have to buy two sets a year. then again i use mine more than alot of people do

  • 98z71rider:

    @truedeadman its when you cut the lug with small cuts that are very close together. it basically makes a bunch of independent fingers that grip really well. hope this helps :)

  • truedeadman:

    What do you mean by siping the small lugs?

  • DAtegs:

    mabye you should use a better camera since your going so into detail. great video though.

  • Warlando407:

    Aww its like a real bogger… but smaller :)

  • Tehsnook:

    thats really cool, ive never seen a groover before

  • joshpit2003:

    @1:21 Oh god man, I thought you were going to hit your hang for sure! Looks like you have enough experience not too though.

  • bmxmotorman:

    that would suck to slip with the tire groover and hit your hand

  • tyrantfuryre:

    Yeah I wouldn’t have my left hand in the direction of the tool.

  • lowriderkillers:

    @urdadddy1 i wouldnt do that if i was you bogger are not cheep and yes this does kill your tread life

  • lowriderkillers:

    this really does work great but it takes forever to do 44s and it usually bumps you up in races

  • dnwbomber:

    dont hit ur hand bro. i got 7 stitches and a hole

  • urdadddy1:

    did doing that kill the tread life at all ??? im getting a set or 35 in boggers for my z71 and it will be used as a everyday driver. so i know they wont last long with a heavy foot but i like this idea but dont want it to kill the tread life anymore haha

  • saxmanclay:

    Did this help you out in wet/snow conditions? I just got some M/T tires as well, and was looking into doing this myself.

  • spleno1:

    Now remember kids… When using a 250Watt groover its very important to have ur wrist at the end of your cut so that you groove your wrists as well!

  • kucingkopi:

    is it really improving the traction of the tyre itself?

  • DSMattitude:

    wow that thing works pretty slick. i was thinking of getting one but my buddy has the same one and says its junk. Hopefully he still thinks so and will sell it cheap :) I like the grooving of the big lugs you did ill have to do that.

  • Firemanpete33:

    @Mr03terminator It really seems to help our Jeep Wrangler alot. Every little bit of extra bite seems to make a big difference

  • summitclinton:

    looks BAD ASS GUYS

  • Despite37:

    You be groovin now

  • Mr03terminator:

    nice video would this help on hill climbing , trails

  • Firemanpete33:

    @terran698 Once we got the hang of it about 30 – 40 minutes a tire.

  • superkrotz12345:

    thats badass i wouldnt recommend running them in snow though i got 12.5 thornbirds with a 400 small block turning then an it aint a whole lot of fun when one second ur looking at a ditch then the next second ur looking at a semi…

  • terran698:

    how long does it take you to groove 1 tire?

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