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Square Body Pick-Ups  

Article by 1TUF99

I decided to write this article on that dream truck that every guys would like to have. First we will start with, well where else the body style. For me the 1972 Chevy C-10 is one of the coolest body styles around it just looks around clean simple and can be built as a street-rod or a mud truck. The interior is one of coolest parts of these trucks, the gauge facing is old school round gauges and it gives it almost a futuristic feel but at the same time a old school feel. As well as the bench seating is simple and comfortable.

The next part is pretty obvious, the engine, for me i have always been a fan of the 454, and 455 engines. these engines are capable of putting out over 700 horses and 600 pounds of torque. They are the pinnacle of American muscle and machinery. These are some of the best muscle engine ever made they last forever and are still considered one of the meanest things on the road. i would run a three inch duel cat back system on Thrush muffles. Giving it, a deep mean sound. Then to put it all in air a custom 8 inch suspension lift and a 3 inch body lift making it tower over everything else on the road. And to finish it off i would wrap a set of clean black Mickey Thompson Classic 2 wheels in a set of Interco Super Swampers.

For such a mean truck i would go with a classic paint scheme. strait gloss black and two graphite racing stripes. Some people like to go flashy and lots of chrome, for me its all about simple and to the point. Making things sleek and absolutely aggressive looking. Most of my ideas come from old school American muscle. There were no better way to build a truck then modeling it after what build this state. Detroit muscle, Buick city, and Mopar power. All of these classic feels and looks said just one thing muscle and attitude, which is what a car and especially a mud truck is supposed to say.

About the Author

I am just another boy from the country that grew up wanting to go real fast and try things that were fun and exciting. I like working on car, but trucks have always been what i drive and what my family drives.

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