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Money and Mudding   

Article by 1TUF99

Mudding contrary to popular opinion is not for some cheap, poor hillbillies. This is a expensive and time consuming hobby but for those who enjoy it, it’s entirely worth every penny. This is just gonna go over a few things to help you decide what is in your budget and what is do able for you.

Its sometime hard to mix what you drive everyday and what you play with on the weekends. For most i do not suggest mixing the two it becomes to complicated and you begin to spend more in replacing parts you broke just because you need to be able to get around during the week. Now to budget for mudding you need to take into account gas, parts, tires, and everything in between. Now whenever i go out on the trail and getting together with the guys i know that its real likely that i might break something, now knowing this i have already accounted for replacing and fixing what ever happens to break. And after saying that its important to know that you should never invest any money into a truck if YOU, YOURSELF, are not prepare to work on it, and bust your hump.

So this is again one o the things that each person must decide for yourself and its on you to kind of make up your own mind on whats good for you. Stay tune for some other articles that will talk about some good affordable parts for mudding, such as mufflers lifts bot suspension and body, and some tips to go along with it.

However, there are always some places that one should start when wanting to go off the road. I always one hundred percent of the time tell people to start, the lift, now depending on what your budget is try to go suspension lift. Unlike a body lift it will bring your whole ground clearance up and will allow for bigger, better tiers but to clear deeper mud spots.

After the lift tires should be number two, now again depending on what kind of budget you have then it will directly effect the kind on tires you can get, some great mud tires are the favorite Interco Super Swampers, MT Baja Claws, and the classic BF Goodrich Mud Terrain. Tires are like a girl the good ones can make you and the wrong ones can break you.

After these two thing all things are up to you. Bigger engines, solid axles the sky is the limit. And it is all up to you to decide what is right for you.

About the Author

I am just another boy from the country that grew up wanting to go real fast and try things that were fun and exciting. I like working on car, but trucks have always been what i drive and what my family drives. If you want to see more check out my squidoo page by clicking the link http://www.squidoo.com/off-the-beaten-trail

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