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lifted 1979 Ford F150

Quick video of my lifted 79 F150 in first gear. I’m running 38″ Super Swampers.

25 Responses to “lifted 1979 Ford F150”

  • baloghlcb:

    Unfortunately I do not know what cam is it because the guy I bought it 5 years ago from the renovation. Tho Cam low Offenhauser intake, carb edlebrock, rebuilt the head, the head longtube headers, no cats and flowmaster 40 original series

  • confederateford2012:

    Do you know what this engine is done, i love the Lope it, I want it to sound like. . . . Hole 30 in the end and I did what someone told me it was a bigger cam, 4 cylinder intake and carb, I would like just a 351m Lope Nice to mine thank you

  • confederateford2012:

    @ Boogaloog123 before im just nervous that I want my wheel wells look plush and idk I wish I could be like a truck with a lift, and even 44s runnin I have friends who are to be found less than 3 inches and 44s but they look plush and I do not want anybody knows how much I custom Nice includin what I bring with me? Thanks

  • baloghlcb:

    Thats awsome! 44s yeah should be good with that lift, and unfortunately there is a chance, you always have a game to play in the control. something that is looking for guidance. They have kits that you only enter the property management or those who come with a new box, it depends on how much you spend.

  • confederateford2012:

    Sweet truck I have the same lift, but I have a set of 44s in putting out there, but I have together, you think that it works very well. I repalaced 100 components steerin% believe that you play is still sick, if so, what should I do, thank you very much

  • baloghlcb:

    Yes I have. . . just havnt installed it yet.

  • boogaloog123:

    Need a scale bars BUD

  • bigblockford557:

    A 466 or 514 or rear A 521, 545, it would be even more of an animal. some leaders dove brought a winner with a howl dommy 1050, Head, Russian rockers and dog. Is this the same tower over 400 tires in the mud!?

  • baloghlcb:

    I have the 400 with a speed of 4 as well. . . I hope one day 514th

  • bree7878:

    How big engine you have in this animal, I have a Ford F-250 400 big block with a 4-speed trans with a lift up

  • Adhesiveputty:

    Fucking bad ass.

  • shrewsburyboarder34:

    This truck Nice

  • TheNetIntelligence:

    302. 30 over with Edelbrock CARB in my 77, purrs like a kitten and fuckin! beautiful sound

  • TheNetIntelligence:

    thats what my 77 ‘, as when I returned the next year, but without the big tires and lift, which seems a bit silly, but damn nice truck will look different!

  • wvstatetrooper:

    WOW Nice Truck

  • shooter836:

    Awesome truck MAN. I have a 77 F250 dresser, on the 35′s.

  • baloghlcb:

    Yes, you should be able to install fine. . . I can fit is a little tall for 38s, 44s, I with so much buoyancy.

  • hk91b:

    Nice to 150 I have a 1976 F150 that I came to install the preparations for an elevator. Not necessarily to go with a lift of 6 or 9 inches. You can run the 38 lift with only 9 inches and not the 3-inch body lift?

  • bigassfordsd:

    This truck is sweet. ‘ve always wanted a ford this point type. Find here in the area, not a POS that is hard to do.

  • airsoftmaniac1988:

    lol oh man thats a nice truck!

  • baloghlcb:

    9in suspension and 3in body lift

  • airsoftmaniac1988:

    8-inch lift?

  • blakeslilsexy:

    My fiance has a F150 79, he has some work to the company. . . a new paint job hellashious. Its All Jacked Up too! TRUCK sweet ass!

  • popplewort333:

    Nice job.Où is the roll cage? Need for security véritable.Can ‘t wait for hybrid off road.

  • fordchick79:


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