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78 ford f150 4×4 muding, hill climbing and offroading at Azusa canyon, ca. ”FOR SALE”

mudding on Azusa canyon, 9″ lift, 39.5″ super swamper tires, 351 engine, manual 4 speed, 4barrel carb, flow master no cat, and… still working on it…..this truck it’s FOR SALE $5500 INTERESTED E-MAIL ME AT J_GOMEZ_P@HOTMAIL.COM

25 Responses to “78 ford f150 4×4 muding, hill climbing and offroading at Azusa canyon, ca. ”FOR SALE””

  • 111jose83:

    i found them on craigslist… this guy was selling them for $1200… the full set whit rims… brand new… the best deal of my life

  • polaris4rlife:

    where did you buy the swampers? and nice truck

  • polaris4rlife:

    where did you buy the swampers?

  • dcnhvhb:

    go ford go

  • bree7878:

    @uzi4u182 that grill is awesome i have that same type of grill on my truck thats the best type of grill you can have

  • uzi4u182:

    thats a sweet truck but the billet grill has got to go

  • ek93477:

    … gay

  • tooturbugg22:

    hay look theres a truck under all that mud

  • NAPAuniversalJoints:

    @Macho123Kidd 351 cleveland steamer

  • 50fordman:

    @fordguyf1501994 i kid of agree wwith you its got the most aftermarket parts available of any engine

  • Freightshaker8v92:

    Nice Ford the best of the best in that era

  • bubbafrostlee:

    yea it does look sick and i can run 44s but i dont really want to the gas mpg is bad now i wonder wat i would get if i put 44s on it lol

  • japetrig:

    Can’t you fit 44′s!!? I have a ’79 F-250 with a 6″ lift and I’m running 38′s? I bet that thing looks sick!!

  • Macho123Kidd:

    My 5.7l 350 sucks when it comes to gas milage, now imagine what a 7.4l 454 would do to your wallet,lol.

    Speaking of 454′s, GM offered a bonus cab(crew cab) in the 70′ and 80′s, and all of them had 454′s/something bigger than the 350V8. Thats one of the reasons Ford outsold Chevy in trucks, because Ford offered a bonus cab/extended cab that did’nt reqire their biggest engine in stock.

  • dodgekickzass:

    i dont really know because i have never owned anything with that engine in it but my buddy has a 70s suburban with a 454 in it and according to him its a pretty good engine

  • Macho123Kidd:

    Its ok, I really like all of the old trucks of Ford and Chevy because they were made right and tuf, unlike nowadays , what do you think about the 7.4l 454 bigblock from Chevy?

  • dodgekickzass:

    what about a 79 with 400 motor

  • Macho123Kidd:

    Yes GMC is professional grade dipshit! My ’84 has took to me hell and back.
    “suck fucking BALLS”? so i guess my 5.7l 350 V8 sucks balls,hahah?yeah if you insist.

    Well no shit!!! Huh, i guess i never knew that GMC is the same thing as Chevy, thank you for informing me!! I guess the fender I took of that ’85 Custom -Deluxe magically fit right on my truck! I said “sorry GMC here” so he knows that is what I drive, dumbass.

  • Macho123Kidd:

    “pussy”? Bullshit, both Chevy and Ford are great, I just been around Chevy all my life, the only ford I would drive would be a ’72 with a 351 Cleveland.

  • fordguyf1501994:

    i have to admit the 350 chevy motor is awesome

  • dodgekickzass:

    the only thing good about gmc/chevy is the gas mileage but hey chevy is pussy and gets good gas mileage and ford is beast and doesnt get as good gas mileage so i stick with ford

  • dodgekickzass:

    chevy made one good motor and its the 350 small block or big block

  • lccs187:

    fuckin animal

  • 313foxbody420:

    what kind of gas mileage does that thing get?

  • fordguyf1501994:

    gmc is proffesional grade huh? then why do i see them with a fog light out every fucking time? and why do the engines suck fucking BALLS. oh and WHY are are you watching vids of fords if your a chevy fan? ps. chevy is gmc dumbass

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