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1984 Ford Bronco 4×4 mudding on 33 inch super swamper ltbs

this is just a little playing around in some old ruts that i had left from a while ago. i was sittin on 33×13.5 super swamper ltbs with no lift and they didnt rub.
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19 Responses to “1984 Ford Bronco 4×4 mudding on 33 inch super swamper ltbs”

  • justinchaffin1013:

    hey can you tell me if these broncos are good in the mudd or not im getting 1 and was wondering if there good in mud or not

  • downndirty4x4:

    In my opinion the Ltb’s are the best mud tire all around for sloppy mud except for the bogger. but when you compare the cost the ltb is the best choice! and i never went over 65 with them on but they handeled fine on the road

  • bertman668:

    @downndirty4x4 Im thinkin about gettin a set of these in 35″ for my Expedition 4×4, how do they handle on the road and on highway, and how are they at self cleaning in sloppy mud?

  • sm32586:

    @XJOJO411 all terrains SUCK!!! i wouldnt buy all terrains for my rig just incase i had to detour in a field lol, super swamper makes the best off road tires on the market bottom line ltbs are a great tire better traction than a tsl and cheaper , only surpassed by boggers im switchin to ltbs in my bronco cuz there 1200 bucks for my new tires insted of boggers for 2200 bucks

  • 53bigtex:

    im about to get an 89 bronco 302 and im actually gonna put almost the exact same tires as he has on his, and i was wondering what size lift do you have if any, and do you have any tire rub? truck looks and sounds great btw good job

  • stevensf1504x41:

    @downndirty4x4 actually the AOD was invented in 1980 its a four speed with overdrive basicly a c6 with overdrive.

  • 8655bronco:

    Seriously do you not know where the gas pedal is?

  • jillamos:

    No videos yet, just pix, and not sure how to post pix on here, but, hopefully thus weekend I’ll have video to post :-D its gotta bout three inches of lift, didn’t need a whole lot after putting the leafsprings in the front. I’ve got the 351W tho.

  • downndirty4x4:

    you gota any pics of it? and how much of a lift you got up under it?

  • jillamos:

    Got me an 84, Just put 3/4 ton. Runnin gear underneath it, four speed granny low, 35″ bfg mud Terrains , I’ll keep u posted ;-)

  • downndirty4x4:

    @MIdru313 c6 is the kind of transmission that is in it. it has a 302 motor and no

  • MIdru313:

    @downndirty4x4 c6… is that what motor’s in there? is it ‘linked’ with a chain drive… anyways how come this guy keeps floorin it so much, and why is everyone so clean, is everyone wearing those stain defender pants? Those are some gnarly trails, very muddy..

  • downndirty4x4:

    did you really just ask if it had an AOD? i mean back in 1984 they didn’t even consider putting in an over drive so to answer that no! its got a C6 3 speed with a np208 transfer case linked to the ford 8.8 rearend with stock gears

  • MIdru313:

    does that thing have an AOD in it? No wonder it keeps getting stuck..

  • Kampf0100:

    @XJOJO411 no, thats why you by boggers!

  • 4everwillride:

    i got 35,s and no lift and theres no rubbing

  • XxClemsonTigersXx:

    @XJOJO411 Geez why you so hostile?

  • XJOJO411:


  • hrprk7:

    i have these exact tires on my stock 95 bronco and i get 6 mpg

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