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what to acquire for rock crawling land cruiser?

Query by blownupboy: what to buy for rock crawling land cruiser?
I have a fairly stock 1997 Land Cruiser. I have been taking it 4 wheeling and rock crawling a lot in the desert lately. what would the ideal acquire be for rock crawling? i.e. I have a bout a grand to devote. Should I get a 3″ Old man Emu lift… New set of 32″ tires… Rock sliders… Or replacement front and rear bumpers that have better strategy and departure angles? Thanks!

Very best solution:

Solution by joe
get a horse (as we old timers employed to say).

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2 Responses to “what to acquire for rock crawling land cruiser?”

  • John Paul:

    Just take off the bumpers Old Man EMU is about the best suspension lift Tires BFG and new wheels will take up the thousand dollars and more and what will you do for a spotter and winch operator? land cruiser is a heavy beast wedged between two rocks with all the side windows broken out.
    I reccomend practicing on some thing smaller like a Jeep Wrangler or a Suzuki Sidekick

  • Justheretohelp:

    If you went with the 3 inch lift, this would also increase your approach angle AND ability to climb over larger rocks…I’d go with the lift,first,,

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