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What is the greatest trail/mud tire that is also excellent for rock crawling?

Question by OG D-Wet: What is the ideal trail/mud tire that is also wonderful for rock crawling?
Hey, I’m interested in operating my 89 Cherokee Laredo on some new tires. I want one thing Wide with excellent performance. Any cost is fine. Does anyone have any recommendations? I just want a thing broad that is excellent on dirt AND wet/dry rocks

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Answer by david z
nitto mud grappler is a very good 1 i also like the pro comp xtreme mud terrain.

but of course all tires suck on rocks with out beadlocks…

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4 Responses to “What is the greatest trail/mud tire that is also excellent for rock crawling?”

  • quik66gto:

    Super Swamper IROK or the B.F.Goodrich KRAWLER. What the pros use day in and out. There are plenty of other very good tires out there for your useage but you asked for the best.

  • drewdude320i:

    If you get a rock tire and take it on the street, it’ll be gone in a month or two. You’re probably better off with two sets of tires – one for street, one for offroad.

  • rocksbite:

    dont worry your self with bead locks. run a 12.5″ wide tire on either a stock rim or at most an 8″ wide rim. youll never break a bead even when you air down. i agree with the irocs a very good tire. if you want better streetabilty get radials. if you all rocks get the bias ply. you wont regret it

  • rubi22:

    Don’t worry about getting a mud tire for the road. It’ll be fine–might not be as long as a factory Chrysler tire, but it’ll last a good amount.

    If you want to do mud, get a skinny tire. On wide tires, the tread is stretched across and the tread depth is consequently shallower. A skinnier tire can compensate for the tread and deep lugs.

    I have Trxus M/Ts–they work great in everything I’ve used them and haven’t heard anything bad about them other than their bad road manners.

    Other popular brands are BFG, Mickey Thompson, Toyo…

    Tirerack.com has great comparisons..

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