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Toyota BJ42 Rock Crawling in Greenland

Out playing with my wonderful Toyota BJ42 from 1984. Have fun!

12 Responses to “Toyota BJ42 Rock Crawling in Greenland”

  • LemoneyFishmas:

    Assuming this is the 3 wiper edition?
    Do you know if the original rims fitted to these out of the factory were split or solid?
    Thanks in advance

  • brandonkr:

    i plan on getting one of these once my 87 toyota pickup dies. the problem is toyotas dont die, they last forever. the new top gear episode has this car in it. sadly it rolled down a hill at the end of the episode. what is the mileage on one of these?

  • the82spartans:

    Frickin’ sweeeeet FJ!

    I luv her.

  • itchyundies:

    nice score dude 82000klms must be a peach any pictures anywheres ?

  • jottod:

    I have a 1984 FJ40LX all ORIGINAL.. 82,000kms all original..factory everything…6 Seater…3 wiper blades…like BRAND NEW….in Mustard Yellow…Im in Aus…

  • itchyundies:

    nice shorty it has a LX badge on it but only 2 wiper blades interesting , is it turbo`d ?
    im in australia and i have to a LX but with the 3 wipers here mines 82 3.4 diesel no turbo like new , im about to buy another 1 i love em

  • Brian86992DH:

    nice looking truck

  • Jaimee01:

    hi i run 8-10 psi in my 40 when i need to get up some like that and i would use 2 nd low you will find that would get you most places

  • chrisdjonestube:

    the going up was awesome…. its the coming down that was scary!

  • d5800877351:

    I just don’t like watching you potentially hurt her! Such a precious, don’t lose her!

  • BJ42Greenland:

    Hehe i started out with 1st low (easy on the gas) and then a little more juice on second run, still in 1st low, third run with the throttle pinned. Fourth run in second low with more speed. But i needs crawler gears, and some airlockers to do the job better :)
    Im driving with 20psi in my tires in the clip, it could have been better with the tire pressure around 12-15psi. That is what i normally run when im out playing.
    Thank you for your comment.
    Brgds Kim

  • d5800877351:

    you have lots of grip, lower a gear

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