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SCX10 Jeep Cherokee Rock Crawling

Axial SCX 10 with the new Pro-Line Jeep Cherokee body crawling on some local rocks….enjoy!

25 Responses to “SCX10 Jeep Cherokee Rock Crawling”

  • BlueNDN2:

    @JuniorPros118 the trail ready will work fine if you get the silver “defender” style body….if you get the rtr version with the honcho body the rear links will be a little long for this xj body….also remember the rtr versions come with plastic links where the kits have metal links for suspension and steering…if that matters to you.

  • JuniorPros118:

    @BlueNDN2 well im thinkn bout getting the scx10 TR rtr. so will the body fit that good?

  • BlueNDN2:

    @JuniorPros118 <<

  • JuniorPros118:

    Nice jeep! Did u have to mod anything to get the body on right? did it fit good? And was this the rtr vesion or the kit version? Did u change any of the electronics? And shere you using the stock radio that it comes with? If you could get back to me asap, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Nigel4400:

    awesome video, i wish my real xj was like this!!!

  • cows1990:

    good truck dude

  • BlueNDN2:

    @izdawg76 Gotcha….yeah once this Cherokee body is worn out I want to get some kind of hard body for the SCX10, but I’ll keep what you said in mind if I do another lexan.

  • izdawg76:

    @BlueNDN2 yeah checkout my cherokee i painted a primer and then about 6 coats of white. and when it rolls over or rub rocks its looks like its been on some rock and the primer underneath looks like rust. i dont like seeing clean crawlers, haha

  • BlueNDN2:

    @izdawg76 painting the outside of the lexan? I’ve painted the outside of hard body models and rc’s that aren’t clear bodies to start with, but not lexan. I like this cause the paint doesn’t scrape off on the rocks.

  • izdawg76:

    nice body job man. next ttry piainting it on outside and using velcro and see what you think

  • BlueNDN2:

    Thanks!… Yes, the wheels are weighted. I used stick-on 1/4oz wheel weights that are actually for balancing wheels and tires on a regular car/truck. Check CKRCCrawlers they sell them in sticks of 12, so like 3oz per stick. I got 3oz on each front wheel and 1oz on each rear, and yes those are flat iron tires with every other outside lug cut off.

  • ferndogg310:

    good video! you have weights on the wheels? If so, how did you aply the wieghts and with what? those tires are flat irons too? lol sorry for all the questions. (check my videos out).

  • bayareaaxialcrawler:

    nice color coice

  • BlueNDN2:

    Honcho has longer rear links…

  • jmloudon97:

    what makes the honchos wheelbase longer

  • traxxasslash26:

    @BlueNDN2 ohh lol my bad! sweet! my bro may get one if he invests! thnaks

  • BlueNDN2:

    Thanks man! but this is not a Honcho kit…the Honcho has longer wheelbase than the regular SCX-10 kit. This wasn’t a pre-built, but as far as stock parts this one is pretty much all stock still…and going strong.

  • traxxasslash26:

    very nice scaler Man! :)

    How do you like the Honcho? my bro wants one, but not sure if is good, (hows it straight out of the box?)

  • BlueNDN2:

    Everything was bought online. It’s an Axial SCX 10 kit (which you build yourself)….search and you might find for just under $200…but you still gotta buy the electronics (motor, radio/receiver, ecu, servo, and batteries). So really depends on what kind of electronics you put in, and the Jeep body is separate. This rig altogether is in the $400-$500 range. You can buy their prebuilt versions for around $300 and you just put batteries in and it’s ready to go.

  • cbar1995:

    where did u get that from and how much

  • BlueNDN2:

    When first built I followed the instructions and fill shocks with oil, and they were super stiff. Then soon after I re-did them and they are about 3/4 full now.

  • BlueNDN2:

    A stock SCX-10 like this is more of a trail truck than a crawler. Most crawlers run 2.2 tires and these are 1.9 for more of a scale look. If you’re thinking of serious crawling then look at the AX-10 kit, but these are still very capable while maintaining more of a scale look.

  • 8391208:

    Thankss =] And um… Lol How much shock oil do you use? I have heard some people turn them upside down & dont even use shock oil =P

  • nolow100:

    will this run fine where regular crawlers with more articulation go?

  • BlueNDN2:

    @8391208 this was neither the RTR or TR…. it was originally the SCX10 kit I built…not a pre-built…..see my other video to see the original body…. I just purchased and added the TR bumpers and rock rails for the Cherokee body.

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