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Rocking Chair for Ba Rooms  

Article by h.zool

The baby’s comfort quotient isn’t the only one that matters-moms and dads will spend many hours throughout the day and night feeding and soothing their newborn, and a supportive, cozy chair makes everyone happier. Traditionally, rockers were the answer. But while their spindle back and wooden sear and arms look great, they hardly what you want to sink into when you crawl out of bed for a middle-of-the-night feeding. Rocking chairs also have a tendency to travel across the floor as you rock them.Step into ally nursery furniture store and you’ll see that some clever (or hone-wears soul has come to the res cue with rocker-gliders. These heavily cushioned alternatives have a ball- hearing mechanism that lets you glide hack and forth for hours with hardy any strain on the lower back.All likely caregivers should try out the chair in the scorn. Be sure to choose a model with cushioned armrests, or you’ll soon regret it. And an inclined footrest will angle the legs in a way that will help support the baby. Few of the gliding ottomans sold to march the chairs arc comfortable if you’re holding a baby, hut they are a luxurious addition for future use.Rocker-gliders are available in hundreds of styles, finishes, and upholstery choices to match any decor, from Shaker to contemporary. Rather than coordinating it with the nursery many parents select a model that fits in with the master bedroom or whatever room the chair might be l to later.Not only is the chair likely to be the most comfortable seat in the house, it can also represent a significant investment: prices range from ,000 for discount-store models to ,000 high-end, leather versions with swivel options, recline positions, even heated massage. Matching gliding ottomans can cost up to 0. A with cribs and other nursery furnishings, high-end gliders offer the best selection of styles and upholstery. But cost the most and require special ordering.Some people prefer a simpler rocker. Luckily more easy chairs are being “rocker-ized,”. Again, look for good back support, a comfortable size and an easy rocking motion.Don’t forget the most comfort option of all (provided you have the space)-a daybed set up in the nursery to accommodate middle-of-the-night feedings.

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