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Rock Crawling?

Question by B.Dahlia: Rock Crawling?
I want to buy my friend something cool. he loves off roading and modifying his jeep to go rock crawling. he is also fixing up a 67 mustang. I have seen tons of things online but I kinda need the present asap so i need to know store names where I can go and get the present. I live in the suburbs outside philadelphia, so im kind of restricted to malls and such, what would a guy like this want that I could get for him?

P.s- i know nothing about this stuff, but im learning

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Answer by butrcupps
How about a gift certificate to an auto parts or off road type store.
Even an eBay gift certificate since you can find lots of old car parts on there. You can buy it online and print it out.

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4 Responses to “Rock Crawling?”

  • sethle99:

    Maybe a good quallity tow rope. If he like rock crawling, he’ll be able to use that lots of times.

  • jelesais2000:

    Jenny, Asking the question shows that he already has the most important thing he needs. For any equipment, go to your yellow pages under Auto parts. Try to get as much detailed info about the car he’s restoring. You’ll be able to talk to a lot of knowledgeable people at the stores. Some deliver. Good luck and hooray for you.

  • harrowgate1960:

    go to New Hope, Pa., which is near Ralph Stover National Park, a rock climbing mecca. to answer your second question, he probably wants you to leave him alone

  • The Raotor:

    a good helmet with a monogram

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