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Mercedes Classe G rock crawling

Look at Michele driving his Mercedes G-class up a steep rocky hill. We are not in Borneo, but in Italy (near Brescia).

25 Responses to “Mercedes Classe G rock crawling”

  • kodouch:

    there was a specific model for italian market 2,0 litre petrol 136 hp, i was surprised too but it is so.

  • cemmas:

    Unless you guys changed the engine on this G ,G never produced 2000 cc engines for the models,least was G280

  • Jamjoe89:

    This IS for OFF-ROAD!

  • marlonsroad:

    hahha you definitely dont know what ur saying

  • cgyiltis:

    I got my G wagen for 10 grand cdn and still better than a rubicon (for me, don’t want to start a debate)
    and out in the back country with other 4x4s, looks awesome! love it. just needs a diesel conversion (working on it)

  • Locktulkan:

    wow, your wrong.

  • MeliusEsseQuamVideri:

    2000 cc petrol.
    Tyres are Pirelli Scorpion Mud something like that…

  • 0DoYouLoveIt0:

    That SUV is not for off-road; it’s for people to look at you and go, “I hate you!” Just like the envyous looks I get everyday from poor people. :)

  • wodanowitz:

    What engine is this, and what tyres?

  • wodanowitz:

    The orange G you see on my vids was buyd 3 years ago used, for about US$ 8000- and is better as a Rubicon. You can put lowgear moving on the fly, dondt have to stop, and you put in your difflockers at any speed you like and they will keep in so long you want.

  • StewartLucrative:

    I’ve seen used g classes in the U.S. for sale around 30,000 dollars. Luxury vehicles depreciate like no other, so if you’re willing to buy used you can get a great deal.

  • MeliusEsseQuamVideri:

    The owner of this G-class payed 12,000 euros for it (1997 used one) so it’s still a good choice!

  • MicrowaveItNow:

    Totaled Jeep off-roading: $20-30,000

    Totaled Mercedes Class G: $90-180,000+

    You know my choice! haha.

    Still, good to see that you aren’t afraid to wheel it. Good vid. Check out my other account (JeepRuby101) to check out some of my videos.

  • Ezzerlad:

    Its a crime not to take such a great off road car off road

  • fuckuewetube:

    Kenny Loggins? Who the hell decided to put that song with this video? Nice to see you’re actually taking your G off-road.

  • mosyo:

    stupid music : top gun lol :)

  • PimpinHustler17:

    Now I wanna take mine off road

  • MeliusEsseQuamVideri:

    I added your comment to the list of the one about music. Turn down the PC volume and up the radio one if you like more

  • Bobaklives:

    Stupid music.

  • MeliusEsseQuamVideri:

    La salita è chiamata PRIMO MAGGIO, non sono sicuro se il vero nome sia Monticelli. La G è di un socio del club Brixia 4×4 di Brescia (alla guida), direi 2000 cc benzina con blocchi ai 3 differenziali. Mi pare del 97 ma non sono affatto sicuro…

  • MrPrecisini:

    E’ la salita di Monticelli ? COMPLIMENTI !!!
    Che G è ?

  • hend0815:

    veni vidi vici or something

  • MeliusEsseQuamVideri:

    ok. I didn’t know. It sounded good anyway.

  • mauricera:

    No discrimination .
    It´s a gay music .

  • MeliusEsseQuamVideri:

    Music: Playing with the boys, from Top Gun Movie Soundtrack. The words of the song? I don’t know english that well… What’s that? A discrimination form on YouTube?

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