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Manual or Electrical Choke? 78 4×4 EGR Valve Edelbrock 600 cfm for offroading/rock crawling…ought to i plug egr?

Query by franklint06: Manual or Electrical Choke? 78 4×4 EGR Valve Edelbrock 600 cfm for offroading/rock crawling…must i plug egr?
I have a 1978 Chevy 4×4 350 and needing an offroad 650 cfm thunder series edelbrock carb to go on my performer intake…Manual or Electric choke? which is greater for offroading/4×4/rock crawling in East TN? Must i plug my egr valve?

Best solution:

Solution by snpdg2
electrical is greater because it will immediately modify the volume of choke dependent on the conditions outside. me personally id splurge on a fuel injection setup for rock crawling do to the extreme angles you are going to be operating at. fuel has tendency to run away from the bowls in carbs at intense angles top to stalling hesitation and flooding. not a very good factor on some trails.

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3 Responses to “Manual or Electrical Choke? 78 4×4 EGR Valve Edelbrock 600 cfm for offroading/rock crawling…ought to i plug egr?”

  • "To Infinity And Beyond . .:

    No Block off your egr valve. (take it off and make a metal block-off plate)(or just compleatly unplug it )

    Egr introduces “inert” exhaust (unburnable/allready burnt) “gas” back in to your cylinders.

    It’s how cars get fuel mileage , it leans the system.

    Good for your mileage not for your engine.

    Nitros oxide dose the same (yet it’s freezing cold and expands more a lot more.)

    It chemically takes up space in the cylender.
    Same fuel and air ratio,Yet is now in a “smaller” chamber increasing the compression.

    Do all your fuel/air settings with the new carb (kit), otherwise(if the egr is working) the egr valve will ajust, what you have ajusted already.

    Lean mixtures can burn holes in things .

    A rich micture is only going to wet it self out (maybe foul plugs) You can all ways lean it back .

    Your plugs will tell you everything. A light carmel color is what you want. NOT WHITE, YELLOW, OR BLACK.

    A light (whiteish) carmel BROWN. is a nice burn mixture.


    Choke : I would use a manual. This way you know what and when your engine is doing .Just Watch your guages. Or you will be cleaning plugs often.

  • chris t:

    well these guys went way over board.
    but ya i got a 1986 suburban that has the the holly 600 carb on it.
    i used 2 have a manuel and it was a total bitch 2 start up, especialy if its a bitter day out, it floods alot and can back fire on start up.
    i swaped it out and now have an electric carb and i love it!
    when you start it, u can set it to slowly raise the rpm’s up 2 whatever u want so that the motor can properly warm up.
    i recomend that u get the electric, i love mine.

  • musiclicker:

    I own a shop, and four wheel in Western N.C. We do a little climbing too. An electric choke always works best, unless you live in a warm climate. Unless your carburetor is equipped with a choke pull off vacuum chamber to regulate the amount of choke it uses, then you can’t use an electric choke. A manual choke has a problem of getting the choke pull off to work, so one must constantly work the cable, and then its just too easy to flood the engine. As for the EGR, make a plate & use the red/orange (hi-temp) silicone (RTV) to seal it off with. If its a smooth plate, you shouldn’t need a gasket. They will burn out anyway unless they are made of the material like header gaskets are made from. For the street, the EGR really should be used, but for off road no. You get much better control of the engine settings without an EGR, and it insures best performance. Nothing is more frustrating than a bad/leaking EGR that keeps the engine from running right at high timing settings.
    Glad to help out, Good Luck!!!

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