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Hummer H3 wheeling at Slick Rock

Me wheeling my Hummer H3 at Slick Rock

25 Responses to “Hummer H3 wheeling at Slick Rock”

  • thosefuckers:

    Toyota lover says: wow… i think im actually impressed by that video. nice work.
    I still love my $900 4runner more though. im scared to think of how bad it would be working on that thing on the trail if you wrecked something. Im pretty sure uncle dale’s mechanical qualifications are going to void any warranty you might have had.

  • Paladine71:

    Do you have lockers on that thing? Front or rear?

  • RUZiolo:

    is that hummer lifted ?? gr8 car – wanna buy one soon :)

  • 99999999999999999931:

    wow i didn’t know the H# was so good on teh rocks. I6 or V8??

  • spankybrandonf:

    does that h3 have a lift, it looks higher then most.

  • MrMichael1701:

    I have to agree to an extent. the H3 is smaller and can fit most anywhere. Ive been lots of places i would have never took an H2. the H1 would have never fit b/c they are too big. also, the h3 as more tire for the size of the vehivle vs. an H2.

  • MrMichael1701:

    maybee if you went to the trails you would see them. I go off road in mine all the time and I have found they do better than I thought that they would. Go out and try one before you down them. its just like food, you dont know if youre going to like it until you bite into it.

  • panamera:

    your camera man…or woman just sucks….oh yes for once there is some proper offroading and you are filming the rocks…

  • panamera:

    awesome, :P try doing that with a FJ gay barber cruiser :P

  • CarlosGlzs:

    nice video, i liked to much i was thinking of buying one and now i decided yes… thanks for the video

  • tifjackson:

    H3 Tactical Editions are SEXY!

  • djrevolution99:

    hummers are still junk anyway you look at them, i never seen any on trails, wait i saw one stuck at the entrance once :P


    you still have the H3? you on any of the forums? CHO or Hummer? X? if not join up lots of great guys on there.

  • hoodrydr:

    ya I think so too… but dont tell the other h2 owners

  • hoodrydr:

    haha thanks

  • asstuto:

    At least a video of what the H3 is capable. Maybe just me, but I think that the H3 more capable than the H2… and the new alpha with a v8 it will be better yet.


    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! No crappy music just the sound of your hummer and the rocks. PERFECT!

  • hoodrydr:

    Its a flowmaster 40 series. The tires are stock 33′s. The rims are Steel rock crawlers.

  • BLUTO777:

    NICE……no way that muffler & tyres r stock

  • hoodrydr:

    Inline 5…. 3.5L

  • hoodrydr:

    Yup stock 33′s

  • generallee777:

    That H3 sounds like it has a V8. Or does it?

  • taco080808:

    Seriously? Those are the stock Bridgestones? They look bigger.

  • 1stRacerX:

    Check your youtube inbox….

  • Mayot22:

    nice, cant wait to get mine, im doing it up just like this, dude, its fucking awsome

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