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How to Get the Search Engines to Crawl Your Site More Often  

Article by Clayne Keegan

You’d have to be living under a rock in order to miss the importance of Google for delivering free traffic to your website time and time again. One way to improve upon the basics and get even more free traffic from Google is to improve the crawl rate of your site. Some sites are crawled daily while others can go weeks at a time without a visit from these helpful bots. You’ll see plenty of different things you can do to improve the flow of traffic to your site but few will have the same long-lasting impact that improving your site’s crawl rate will have.

If you really want to make an impact on your search engine crawl rate make sure you optimize website photos and not just the written content. Sites that have images will take a big hit by not having images that are optimized properly for better search engine performance. Failing to do this can mean that your website will have a crawl rate that isn’t quite as fast as you need it to be to succeed. So, how do you improve the crawl rates for your site? Using captions for the purpose of attracting search engine attention is a great first step to make your images more Google bot friendly then you need to move along and make sure you’ve properly resized the images and used appropriate keywords in the file names. The steps are simple but the impact they’ll have on your crawl rate are significant.

Choose the service you turn to for website hosting well so your site doesn’t have a tendency to be down during critical moments. You can’t reliably predict when Google bots are going to drop in on your site. So if your server doesn’t have the issue of frequent downtimes then it’ll obviously be a missed opportunity to have your website crawled. With so much competition among website hosting services there’s no need to stay with a company that isn’t meeting your uptime needs.

The titles that you use on your page should be highly relevant and unique; every title that you choose should make your page stand out. This will work to not only increase the rate your site is crawled by search engines but also to help you boost your ranking for certain keywords.

It doesn’t take much to create unique titles for your content, but if you look at from the search engines point of view, it definitely is a big deal if you get them wrong. So ensure that you’re focusing on this area too.

Give Google what it wants and you’ll have no trouble at all attracting those famous Google bots to your site every other day. These steps are easy steps that any website owner can apply to get great results from Google. Most website owners have no idea how important proper optimization is for their websites. Remember, getting the search engines like Google to send you traffic takes effort on your part, and unless and until you take such small actions towards your goal, nothing will happen.

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