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How pricey to lift an previous residence to place foundation under it?

Query by Operating on it!: How pricey to lift an outdated home to put basis below it?
I have an previous house with no foundation, walls sit on filth or rocks, crawl below residence has 2′ posts sitting on rocks maybe a stump or 2. Love the property but it demands to be fixed up effectively. A foundation and a cement skim coat over dirt is what is needed. But how a lot is the question!

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Response by Hondu
If you employ a house moving contractor it will be very expensive. If you want to lease railroad jacks and blocking and do it oneself, not much. It is extremely labor intensive and time consuming to jack up a residence.

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2 Responses to “How pricey to lift an previous residence to place foundation under it?”

  • Jim W:

    It is very dependent on the local labor market and how busy the contractor is. If you decide to DIY, hire a good foreman to run the job, at least a 6 person crew for a small to medium size home. Probably about 2 weeks work to raise the building, build the forms and pour the concrete and let it cure before the house can be placed on the foundation. A longer cure time gives a more stable foundation.

  • Tex:

    This is NOT a diy type of job. You are trying to lift a house, something I have 15 years of experience in. There will be several tons of weight balanced on stacked timbers, One slip and who ever is under the house will be a pancake. If you lift the house wrong, you will crack walls and break windows. The house has to be lifted evenly with no more that 1/4 inch difference between the jacks. With all the beams and so forth under the house you will not be able to clearly see from one side to the other, you will need a leveling system something other that a transit or lazer. I used a water level. Depending on what part of the country you are in you could be having to dig trenches for footings at least 5 feet deep, maybe more. Even in the southern part of the country trenches usually go three or more feet deep.
    There is no way to determine cost with the info you supplied, type of soil, local codes, local labor market, cost of materials for the local area. The best and really only way to get an accurate estimate is to call a local contractor that does this type of work.

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