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  • kingclan2:

    badass video.for all the foreigners who dont know their damn history. the h1 was built to to take place ofthe jeep. the jeep designed for military use. the h1 also for the same purpose. it drives in even more places the jeep can go.(stock) so of course our h1 is random, because its used to kick all yalls asses

  • DANgerSidekicK:

    I just expressed my opinion

  • andiaz1306:

    R.I.P HUmmer

  • burygems:

    No doubt, these guys are professionals.
    You can argue about what they drive,
    but not the size of their ‘nads!

  • Tizio12:

    americani, avete finito di sprecare la benza. Adesso andate a piedi

  • vinmatrix:

    where do you people come up with theys random trucks. i own a m35a2 and its better than my h1 at somethings but you dont want to drive it for more than an hour or so at a time.oh an by the way ive driven a zil and if you think thats better than a unimog or tatra 813 youve bumped your damn head.

  • bithoraxx:

    they have to use the same roads as tanks.
    they perfectly fit abrams track paths?
    sry my english sucks ^^ but u should understand :)

  • DANgerSidekicK:

    ZiL more better

  • parcoreLA:

    they are soo stupidly wide

  • MakNak777:

    hahhahah agreeed

  • unimogman404:

    Canadain bought the G Wolf trough Daimler-Chrysler Canada and beleive me, the g wagen is no joke. I drive one regularly being a driver in Canadian Army and they have very good all terrain hability and still, can go 30 miles on a gallon. The Iltis that Canadian Army had was small I agree but with outstanding off road capabilities ! Seen one in Bosnia going up hill with the “american” humvee stuck down the hill, not able to follow. Not because a vehicle is small that it is bad in offroading.

  • eternityarmani:

    these guys are good

  • clamlapperable:

    or walk.

  • vinmatrix:

    i love to watch vids. of off-roading.but i have to say that this jeep hummer thing is getting abit old. i own a 2000 h1 and a 08 jeep jk and i can tellu both of them have there strong points and there weak points. the jk has a 4 in susp. lift and a2in. bod lift with 38s and the h1 has a2in bod lift with 40s. the thing i can tell u is that if my life depended on a truck id take the h1,but if u want excitment and a challenge take a jeep. but dont hate one over the other there both amer. made icons

  • mynottwst:

    thatsnot articulation you bellend

  • drauglintuor:

    I hope some of the dumb fucks that commented in that vertical wall climbing video watch the rest of these vids and realize how utterly fucking retarded they are..

  • DivineBetrayal:

    wow, epic articulation @0:30

  • b4dan92:

    yeah i totally agree. we spent half our time in afghanistan fixing these things. they are overrated and very expensive to maintain. it gets very old swapping out half shafts on these vics…


    The Canadians bought G-Wagens because their purchasing agent was having a homosexual relationship with the Mercedes representative. The AMGeneral rep told the Canadian homo to fuck off. So now you know the real story.

  • thethewiLLbuR:

    FJ all the way

  • SuperleggeraVW:

    The Canadian military, which is a joke I know, bought Mercedes G wagon instead of going with their “friends” the Americans, why would that be? And they had VW’s before the Mercedes.

  • Flyboy207:

    @verasforzza Ha. Toyota. Piece of _____. (fill in the blank, starts with “S”.

  • asianboi1216:

    It’s funny how so many people on youtube claim to have an H1…

  • verasforzza:

    I used to have a H1, they’re overrated. Don’t put too much faith and awe into them folks, US Military doesn’t use them because they are the best (they aren’t), they use them because they fulfilled the minimum requirements at the lowest bidder price. They’re on par with Jeep because Jeep is another American manufacturer and their credo is to make it just good enough. A Defender (British Military equivalent) is far superior; then there’s the king of 4×4 – Toyota Land Cruiser.

  • 296jayce:

    so im guessing you have a land rover, due to “TheRANGEROVER1989″, i like land rovers so watch jeepvs land rover up hill, and look at the comments, see what ppl think about that, it might get interesting.

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