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Farmington Extreme Rock Crawling Playground

The playground offers lots of steep climbs and fun for just about any vehicle.

7 Responses to “Farmington Extreme Rock Crawling Playground”

  • Colorado4Wheelin:

    I want to see that buggy try the waterfall at the end of HELLDORADO in Area BFE in moab!! EVERYONE winchs i think he might make it lol

  • bajabeetle:

    The best block in these rigs are the drivers. They look pretty salty and trust their rigs.

    A couple of them sound like v-8′s. Run what ya brung i imagine. I run a injected 360 and and go out with folks that are running injected 6′s and 4′s. It’s about how you get it to the ground from what i’ve seen. my extra cylinders show up when it gets loose or i need extra peddle to keep momentum.

  • zxcvbnm9876543210123:


  • HeXx49:

    what block do most of these things use

  • rcdrager:

    bad ass

  • SanFrancesco01:

    Beatiful spot

  • ozma505:

    i love this shit.f town.some original rockcrawlin bac in the day

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